Monday, September 29, 2008

Closing Day/ Moving Weekend=Fun, Excitement, Happy

Here's the good stuff about our move!:

1. We got the house (obviously)! It was soooo friggin' exciting. There's no feeling like it. We went in before anyone else got there and just walked around (testing lights, fixtures etc.) and were in total shock that it was OUR house. We love it.

2. Friday was hell, except because the U-HAUL screwed up and we had to make alternate arrangements, our bed came to the house on Friday instead of Saturday, so we didn't have to sleep on the floor.

3. My mum left, champagne, glasses, chocolates and a candle in the bedroom for us for the first night. We sat on the floor after everyone left and I opened the bottle. I hit DH when the cork flew off and champagne spilled all over our new carpet, but we both laughed hysterically. It was fun.

4. The actual moving got done in just over 2 hours on Saturday morning. This gave me a lot more time on Saturday than I thought I would have to start unpacking etc. The essentials were all unpacked by the time we had dinner on Saturday night.

5. Everyone loved the house and said what a deal we got on it.

6. Saturday and Sunday went really well. Friday was really the only bad day. We had a ton of friends and family there to help us clean and move and it was great.

7. They left us a trampoline! I didn't want it at first (and was pissed because I would then be responsible for getting rid of it), but my mum and I cleaned it up yesterday and it's actually a lot of fun and looks a lot better. Our yard is definately big enough for it (it's way in the back corner and totally out of the way) and it's a blast so we may keep it for a little while.

8. We got soooo much done this weekend. We're almost completely unpacked, the light fixtures got changed, the dishwasher was installed properly, the lawn got cut and "weed whacked", we raked, seeded and watered the bare spots, the gate got fixed so when my mum's dog is over, he can't get out under it (our dog won't go anywhere), the stove was switched, the back garden was weeded (which was no small undertaking)
So, we're in and loving it. I can't wait to go home today.

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