Friday, September 26, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Posted Monday, September 08, 2008 8:46 AM
Breakdown of my/ our weekend:
Friday- We had an impromptu dinner @ my FIL's. He's the best cook (super creative) and we have a good time with him and his fiance. He created a new recipe and we got to test it out for the first time. It was delicious!
Saturday- Got up early to go garage saling to look for a couple things for the house (lawn mower, tree style clothes line etc.). This was completely unsuccessful as we purchased NOTHING. DH went to Canadian Tire to buy gas and garbage cans and then he had a golf tournament with a girl friend of his (that's a whole other post) and I stayed home. I feel really guilty saying it, but I slept most of the day. I think I needed to catch up after the couple of weeks we've had. BIL made a great dinner and when DH came home we just had a lazy night watching the first season of Prison Break (which I LOVE, but is sooo stressful and intense).
Sunday- DH had his first ball hockey game, so we went to that. The supporting/loving wife in me told me that he needed my support, so standing in the rain for an hour was worth it (yuck). They lost.... by a lot... to a team who only had 5 guys present... but they had fun. They'll get better as the season goes on. Then I went shopping because I went through my clothes yesterday and I ended up being able to keep only 2 pairs of pants! Everything else is way too big. I kept some sweaters too that boarder on too big, but will work for now. This pissed me off because I had to buy these clothes on my credit cards. I don't have any money to be buying new clothes right now and I hate using my credit cards. I spent $115 on two pairs of jeans and 1 shirt which pisses me off. Then we went to our friends for a bbq. It was a lot of fun, but after the sun went down it was freaking cold! Fall is definately coming.
That's it. BORING! I'm gonna post later today about the golf tournament thing and get some opinions.

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