Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't wanna work... I need more vacay

Posted Monday, July 07, 2008 9:47 AM
So DH and I were on vacation last week. We flew up to see my Dad in Thunder Bay and spent most of the week at their cottage up there. The area surrounding T-Bay is so gorgeous. We had a great time. The weather ended up being really nice which surprised me because the weather report had been grim. I love spending time with my Dad. It's always fun and I'm sad that we're back and it's over. I think we need to go on a cleanse though. We ate like CRAP and consumed copious amounts of alcohol. Maybe I should do the cabbage soup diet or something this week to clean my system out.
To put a nice spin on the end of our vacation, we were told on our return that our car has bit the dust. It had overheated the day we were leaving on vacay so I asked my step-dad to take a peek at it while we were gone. Well, it turns out that the coolant is leaking (although we don't know where because it's not on the ground which is why we hadn't noticed it) and our transmission fluid is leaking into our engine oil and into our radiator. I don't know anything about cars except that's NOT good. We paid $2000 (which is A LOT of $$ for us) last spring to have almost the same problem fixed. DH was so pissed off yesterday, but surprisingly I stayed calm. I knew that brooding about it and ruining the last day of our vacation wouldn't solve anything. I told him to get over it because there was nothing we could do about it until today and we spent the day at the beach.
On a positive note, we also found our dream house in our dream location, and the kicker is that it's IN OUR PRICE RANGE! It's out in the country on an acre of land, bush and trees on one side, field on the other, really private, with my WRAP AROUND PORCH and a natural pond etc. It's like someone got in my head and created the exact house I had in mind. We drove to see it yesterday (just the outside) and I fell in love. I think it may be sold (although there was no sold sign on it) because the listing has been taken off of MLS. I will be so disappointed if it is. I'm going to call the listing agent today. I have to go see this house. It's PERFECT and absolutely adorable. My mum drove out too take a look at it for us while we were on vacation and said that if we weren't interested she would have put an offer in on it for herself.
I;m swaped at work today trying to catch up since it's year end and I have been gone for a week, but I have no motivation to do anything. I wish I was still at the cottage or on the beach with my book.... or any were but here. I definately have a case of the post vacation blues! Hopefully I will be able to go look at the house tonight.... that will make me feel better! :)

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