Friday, September 26, 2008

Great birthday weekend!

Posted Monday, May 26, 2008 10:09 AM
So Dirty Dancing Live is AWESOME! I highly recommend going to see it if it's playing somewhere near you. I have been obsessed with the movie since I was a little girl and can say it word for word! :) But, even if your not framiliar with the story line, go see it live anyway... it's amazing.
We went down and had dinner and drinks in Toronto @ Moxies (my fav. restuarant). We shopped a little and I fell in love with these adorable heels that I am now kicking myself for not buying because I LOVE them! I can't stop thinking about them and how great they would look with the dress that I am planning to wear to my girlfriends wedding this summer. Then we took the subway downtown for the show.
Saturday morning I slept in (which I never do because I love weekend mornings). I woke up to the smell of breakfast, and my husband was hard at work in the kitchen making country friend steak and eggs for me. It was fantastic. It was a gorgeous day! Sunny and warm, FINALLY! We went shopping, stocked up on books for the summer and DH bought me a new tennis raquet (the particular one I have wanted for 2 years). We went out for lunch and then we went and played tennis. We had to stop because I hadn't put sunscreen on and I could feel myself burning so we went home, showered, had dinner and then ended up going back out to play more tennis that night under the lights to be followed by icecream at the lake which looks so gorgeous in the dark with the city lights. We had so much fun.
Sunday morning I did the Friends for Like Walk-a-thon with my dog (Lola) to raise money for the SPCA. It was another GORGEOUS day, but I got really burnt because, yet again, I neglected to put sunscreen on. Then I went home and had an afternoon nap with DH and then had dinner at my Mum's for my birthday. Oh! And we watched 27 dresses last night and it's super cute!
All in all it was a great weekend. I'm totally bummed to be back at work and am trying to come up with an excuse to leave early today. :) It's rainy and crappy but I love those days to be at home with a good book on my balcony. Hopefully I can come up with something! I'm such a slacker today.
Have a good week all!

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