Friday, September 26, 2008

My Peace Place

Posted Friday, May 16, 2008 8:27 AM
So it's finally May 2-4 weekend and we're heading up to the cottage this afternoon for the first time this season. I should qualify our cottage is not yet an actual cottage. We have the land, cleared out and filled, an outhouse, two adorable cabins for sleeping/ cooking, a a fire pit, horseshoe pits, outdoor decorations everywhere and overcourse... the beautiful Muskoka River. It's basically a glorified campsite... but we love it. We leave right from work... my husband packs that car before he comes to get me and as soon as I'm done, we're off. We usually stop and get some fresh fruit, berries and juice to eat along the way at a small gorcery store that sells only local produce. We listen to great music and try to make the 45 minute drive part of the excitement of the trip (because our cottage is in the heart of Ontario cottage country and sometimes that means the drive can go from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours, especially on long weekends). And honestly... the minute we turn down the road that our cottage is on and it starts winding beside the river, I feel like I need to take a big deep breath and let everything that has been bothering me out. It's my peace place. I spend the days swimming,floating on the water or lounging in the hammock with drinks and lots and lots of books. We play horseshoes and wash toss and play games, talk or listen to music around the huge campfire @ night. Of course we eat... A LOT. It's always so much fun and so relaxing. The odd time, we head in to the closest little town, which in the summer, is a haven specifically for the surrounding cottagers. The downtown strip (which is like a small town out of a movie) has awesome stores, including an amazing used book store. We have lunch at the falls or do Timmy's runs and go to the Saturday morning farmers market. I can't get enough of it. It's like a whole other world up there. I'm so happy that it's finally summer again. I missed my little cabin in the woods. It's my little place where sometimes it feels like we are the only people in the world. :)
Unfortunately the weather report for this weekend is CRAP! Rain overnight tonight, thunder storms tomorrow and a high of only 13 all weekend (which is going to make the nights pretty chilly). But...we're gonna head up anyways. I've been so looking forward to going that I would be to disappointed to go home after work. If it's yucky, then we'll come home tomorrow. :(
Have a good weekend everyone! Stay safe!

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