Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting Settled

So we're almost one week into owning our first house. It's been pretty awesome, and feels fairly normal. I'm excited to go home everyday.

Sunday, as a posted before, we did a crap load of yard work etc. My mum, step-dad and DH's mum came over to help (my Mum is a lawn and garden guru). By 6pm I had hit the wall. The whole weekend had caught up to me and it took every ounce of strength to even stand up. We went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for my fav. quick homemade meatball soup (comfort food), I made it, we ate it and then I collapsed into the tub. I felt a little better after my bath and played DH a game of air hockey, which he won, and then we settled in bed and started to watch a movie. Within a couple minutes we were both asleep.

Monday, I defiantely paid for the manual labour of the weekend. My body was sore from head to toe, especially my knees. I could hardly walk when I got out of bed that morning. Monday night we went to look at TV's because, unfortunately, the 5 year old 51" ProJo that we currently have is WAY to big for the living room. It's too close and it make me dizzy. It also makes the room feel crowded. We are going to get a 42" plasma, but are going to wait for x-mas sales. It will be substatially smaller and can get mounted on the wall so it's out of the way. It's funny to watch DH pretend that is something we "HAVE" to do when really I know he's elated at the fact that I'm FINALLY giving in to getting another TV. We also decided to pick-up a chest freezer (just a small one) because our main freezer in the kitchen is small due to the ice maker/crusher etc. It's coming in today and DH will hopefully have it when he comes home from work. We went grocery shopping, made fresh pasta with rose sauce and really yummy fresh bread for supper and just relaxed around the house that evening. We played eachother a best of 3 tournament on our air hockey table (DH won) and turned in for an early night.

Tuesday, DH put his home theatre system together and we learned that his x-box will now not shut off. Therefore, I have a feeling a new gaming system will be in our near future as well. Maybe I'll be a good wife and get him a 360 for Christmas. We had to go buy new cordless phones as well because ours were shot. I made dinner again that night (I had put some sausages in the slow-cooker that morning so there really wasn't much to do). Then we played another best of 3 air hockey game. DH beat me again. I went to bed early to read, but again was asleep within minutes.

Last night was the best night. It was the first time that DH worked an evening so it was the first time that I had the house to myself. I went home, changed into sweats, made fish for my dinner (DH hates fish, so it's the only time I can eat it) and when that was done I took a blanket out to the porch to read with a tea. It was sooooo chilly outside so it was nice to be in my cozy clothes wrapped in my favorite fleece blanket. I had to keep going inside to what I call my reading chair and once I was warmed up, I would go back outside. These are my favorite week nights. Quiet time to myself to dive into a good book with no interuptions! I LOVE it. In the 3 months we stayed with MIL I didn't get this. It was an awesome night.

When DH and I were going to bed last night, I realized that my bed feels more comfortable and bigger in the new house. I told DH this and he kinda laughed it off, but I'm serious. I've had the best nights sleep since we've moved into the house (though not nearly enough) and I'm soooo comfortable in our new room. Weird, I know.

We have a lot to do before the cold weather and snow comes (scrape and paint the windows, put the supports into the shed, get the gardens weeded and under control etc.) and we have to get in gear about my MIL's surprise 50th that we're throwing in December, but I think we can get it all done. I love this house, we're so happy in it, and I love the fact, that I LOVE to go home to it.

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