Monday, September 29, 2008

Closing Day/ Moving Weekend= Frustration, Anger and Stress

Here's the negative things about our move:

1. I left work Friday at noon to go home and wait for the call to go pick-up the keys for the house. We were expecting to get them somewhere between 2 and 4 that afternoon. At 2:30, my cell rings and it's our lawyer. However, she's not calling to tells us that the deal is closed, but that she's been to the bank twice and the $$ is not there. She says that the bank has left it so late that we'll be out of time for her to get the closing done that day and it will have to be pushed to Monday (you can't close a sale on the weekend). I asked her what I could do and she said that unless I could figure out what happened very very shortly and get the bank to send the $$, that I couldn't really do anything.
So, I frantically call our broker who says she'll call me back in 10 minutes as she needed to call the lender directly. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life because I knew we were on the clock and running out of time, and I was desperate to get the house on Friday. Everything was packed, the truck was rented, people had booked time off to help us move, the Bell guy was coming on Saturday to hook-up the cable, the phone, hydro and gas were being connected that afternoon etc. When she calls me back she tells me that the $$ has been in our lawyers trust account since 12:17 (meaning it's been there for over 2 hours) that afternoon and that she doesn't know why our lawyer said it wasn't there.
I call the lawyer back and tell her that it's in her trust account and has been since 12:17 and she responds to me "ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy bank account!". I wanted to scream!!!! WHAT BANK ACCOUNT WERE YOU LOOKING IN!?!?!?!? She tells me that she thought they were sending a draft to BMO. However, we don't bank with BMO, she doesn't bank with BMO, we didn't get the mortgage through BMO, so why she thought that I don't know. And what else kills me is that she would have had to give them her bank details for the lender to do a wire transfer to her account, so how did she not know that's where the money would be????? I was so frustrated and pissed of I could have screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, she gets the deal done and we pick up our keys and are in the house by just after 4ish.

2. DH calls U-HAUL to see where we pick up our truck on the Saturday morning. I had reserved it for 9am. The girl, who was INCREDIBLY RUDE on the phone, tells us we can't pick it up until 5pm which is totally not enough time and not when all the people who were going to help us were available. It made me furious how she spoke to me and DH on the phone. I couldn't stop thinking about it until the following day. For whatever reason it stayed with me and made me soooooooo mad. So, we had to scramble around and find another way to move our stuff, which we did, and it only took the guys 2 hours to get it done on Saturday morning.

3. In moving our new stove in, we had to remove the handle to get it through the door (which DH has done thousands of times at work) but with this particular stove, you have to remove the whole front. While trying to put it back together the trim breaks so you can't get the door back on. DH was soooo pissed and frustrated, I was mad, but trying not to show it and my FIL, who was the one trying to put it back together was freaking out and thinking we were mad at him. We weren't mad at him, we were just pissed off because it was one more thing to add to the pile of negative for that day.
Those are the main, negative things that happened on Friday. I'll post seperately for the good stuff!

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