Friday, June 26, 2009

AshleyT- future B.A Hons. Business and Society (yay!)

*originally posted on The Nest- June 26*

So... I did it. I made the decision about my major and will start studying for my degree in business this Sept. I was so 50/50 between that and English, but I really thought about it and made the decision. I'm feeling really good about it.

I borrowed this pic from my 101 in 1001 blog... it's me w/ my acceptance letters.
I think I'm over-the-top excited!

Next steps:

-go to enrollment appointment (not until July 10th) to find out how many advanced standing credits I will get from my college diploma and figure out my classes
-make an appointment at the bank to talk about a student line of credit
-get my car serviced so that I can feel safe in it commuting to Toronto a couple of times a week.

I started looking at the classses available to me today and I'm psyched about some of them! They look really interesting, although this is coming from someone who finds economics, finance, politics and law interesting to begin with. I'm so ready to get started now. I'm trying not to think that way, I want to enjoy my summer and not rush the nice weather, but I am soooo anxious to get going on it.

In other news, I have actively been searching for a new job. My current one is becoming soooooooooo boring as they centralize all the functions to our California offices. I may rip my hair out if I have to stay in a job where I get absolutely nothing accomplished most of the day. It's such a weird turn of events since not that many months ago I was blogging about how completely overwhelmed I was. There's also been a few little things here and there that I have heard that make me question our (this office's) job security. I rather be proactive and find something before I get laid off, then to wait to get the axe. So, I'm officially on the hunt. I've applied for 3 or 4 thus far, none of which a closed officially yet, so I haven't heard anything on any of them, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to get discouraged.

This week seems to be drraaagggggginnnng and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. We're heading to Wiarton (a teeny little town northwest of here) to The Big Music Fest. I'm a HUGE Tragically Hip fan and they're headlining the day long festival along with Sam Roberts, The Spades and Arkells (great Canadian bands). I'm pumped. It should be a good day with friends, some good food and beers and awesome music. The weather is supposed to be nice too so I can't wait.

Ok- I'm off pretend to be busy for the next 2.5 hours!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can your brain bounce right out of your head?

That's what my brain feels like it will do today... it's firing in all directions. I'm freaking out!

I want to make a decision about school because I want to setup my enrollment meeting, get my classes choosen and figure out how I'm going to pay the tab. I'm pretty sure that I want to take business, but I am so afraid that I am making the wrong decision. What happens if I get into Business and decide it's not for me and that I really should have gone through to get my English degree? Then what? More wasted time and money. I feel so much pressure to make the right decision that it's overwhelming me. Luckily, I'm still so excited about the whole thing that I can't quite be "grouchy" about it yet. Bubba should thank his lucky stars that I haven't reached that point yet. LOL

On top of all of this there is a growing list of stuff that we have to spend money on outside of school.

-car (breaks, oil change+ fix possible leak, fan belt)
-house (new roof before winter, fix window in bedroom, new small leak in a pipe in the basement, finish paying for lawn treatments we bought)
-all the stuff we had planned for this summer
-we want to take a trip (even just camping or a weekend away) before I go back to school because once that starts, I'll never be home (working 40 hours a week + school).
-Pets (Jenny needs 3rd set of shots in 2 weeks + both girls need heartworm prevention)
-My nephew graduates grade 8 tonight and I really want to get him some sort of funky (cuz I'm the cool aunt) keepsake. I can't think of anything that I can afford.

This is all on-top of school! Grrrr... I'm going to be putting myself back in major debt to go back to school and I'm not even done paying off my first student loan. Oh well, it will be worth it because I know I'd regret it if I didn't take advantage of this opportunity to go back.

I'm so torn. These degrees couldn't be more different, but neither are overly specific. English would mean a career change for me, but Business would allow me to keep doing what I am doing but at a much higher level and salary. GAH! I can't decide.

Is it strange that I have considered leaving my fate up to the flip of a coin?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy Weekend 2 of 3 Done!

Friday night-I made yummy striploin steaks wrapped in bacon on the bbq w/ big ceasar salad and we watched something, but I don’t even remember what. I finished my book as well and started on a new one.

Saturday- took Lola to get her nails clipped and then off to a wedding. It was my first full-on Catholic wedding and the ceremony was much longer than I was used to. I was married in a United Church but we had a “civil” ceremony and I was raised in a Baptist church which is about as different as you can get from Catholic. It was really, really nice but I was constantly found myself picking out the differences in my head.

1. Bridal party walks down the aisle and then sits in the pews. I liked having my bridal party standing behind me when I was getting married. This BP had no involvement in the ceremony other than walking down the aisle before the bride.
2. No asking “who gives this woman” and no “does anyone object” …. I liked having my parents state for everyone that they agreed to the marriage and were supporting me, and I gave the crowd (specifically a row of DH’s friends from HS) of people a dirty look they basically said “I dare you to say something” when our officiant asked if anyone objected. It was funny and the most memorable parts of my ceremony other than “I Do”. People still laugh about it.
3. No pictures during the ceremony… that’s too bad because I love to try to capture the brides face at different parts of the ceremony. So many different emotions.
4. The bride and groom sat through the whole thing. This was probably nice for them but I couldn’t see them and therefore couldn’t drool of the bride’s absolutely STUNNING dress or see their faces during the ceremony.
5. The standing, sitting, kneeling, standing again, oh nope now kneel down, okay come up and have some bread and a sip of wine (although I didn’t do communion ) okay kneel again…. geez! I definitely didn’t need to do my work out later that day.

What was really nice though was that the church was amazingly beautiful. Huge and old and the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony. Additionally, it’s what the bride and groom wanted and that’s what it’s all about right? It’s there day and they need to be happy. And they were… and I am happy for them (I had to qualify so I don't get damned to Catholic hell LOL).

I love getting dressed up and going to formal events like that. It gives me the opportunity to feel like a girl’s girl. I felt really great in how I looked (which is new for me because I used to be so self conscious) except apparently I’m reverting to my teens and my skin has decided to break out. Ick.

Dinner was awesome, very informal speeches and then partying… it was great. We left at about midnight and went to meet some friends at a club downtown. We were both WAY overdressed having come right from the wedding be it was still ok.
Sunday: we went a picked up the dogs who were at my Mum’s, Bub went and played tennis with his Dad and then we had dinner at FIL’s house. It was a busy day, but a good one.
I was tired when it was all said and done and I didn’t get my house cleaned (our vacuum is broken, and I can’t afford a new one at the moment) so I’m a little behind that way and won’t be able to catch up until Wednesday, but it was a great weekend all in all.

I’ve got boot-camp tonight and my nephews graduation tomorrow (grade 8), so I’m looking forward to Wednesday when I can get my house under control and get some rest!
Oh… and p.s. I still haven’t decided which program I’m going to take. It’s still between Business and English and I’m totally torn. Oh well, I’m working it out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I got in, I got in!!!!!!

I'm so happy I feel like I could jump out of my own skin!

I checked online this morning and I got in to two of the three degree programs that I applied for! My immedaite reaction was to be pissed that I didn't get in to the third. It said "not all pre-requisites met".... huh? I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was missing. I was so mad at first and then I had to stop myself and think, "you got in to two other great programs... stop with the glass is half empty kind of thinking".

So now for the tough part.... deciding which path to take:

-Business and Society

They will take me in totally different directions, but I'm excited about really looking at the descriptions etc. tonight and making a decision. Then I have to pay for it. That's a whole other story!

I'm so excited to get back to the classroom. I love taking notes, listening to lectures, reading class related material, the smell of text books, studying.... I LOVE IT! I especially love the fact that I will now be able to say "when I was in University". I've wanted this for so long, I can't believe it's actually going to happen, and I can't figure out why it took me so long to do it!

I feel like celebrating... too bad I'm at work. Oh well, I'll have a celebration at my desk.

I spoke too soon....

after my post yesterday about how well everything was going with Jenny and how few accidents we have? Well she pee'd in the house twice last night and even once this morning. All three times were within 10 minutes at the most of coming inside. I think it's the rain.... she doesn't like to pee outside when it's raining.

We're working on it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Run-Down

Puppy: Jenny is doing really well. She and her big sister Lola are getting along great, and she’s getting easier and easier. We’ve had very few accidents (I think 2 in the last 2 weeks), she’s not going in her crate anymore, the nighttime ups are less often, if at all and she’s getting in her crate on her own now. She hasn’t destroyed anything yet, but that’s because we haven’t given her a chance too, not because she hasn’t tried! I’m definitely happy that we got her now. The first week and a half was NOT good, but it’s getting so much better now. She went for her second set of shots last week and slept through them! When they asked me to put her on the scale, I set her down, told her sit… and she did! Now that’s a good puppy if I do say so myself, and she’s only 13 weeks. We’ve got her going to her crate on her own and sitting on command. We’re working on “come” and “off” next. It just takes patience.

Family Reunion: This weekend we hosted the annual Townsend Games (family reunion) this past weekend, and this was the 23rd year for it. It was a lot of fun. Lola was totally freaked out by all the “strangers” so my Mum came and picked her up, but Jenny was loving the attention. She was passed around like a new baby. There were about 30ish people, the games themselves were good (golf, card and wash- toss tournaments) and the food was excellent. It’s tiring playing hostess for the whole day (people started to arrive at 11am and didn’t leave until 12:30am) because 13.5 hours is a long time to smile and “serve” people, but it was fun and I had lots of help.

School: My application for school was submitted (per my last post) and I just checked online today and they received my transcript from Seneca, so now it’s just a waiting game to see if I get in. I’m so excited to get an answer and get started, although I don’t want to rush my summer either. My other dilemma is that the 3 degree programs I applied for take me in totally different directions, so if I get in to more than one, I have a big decision to make. I’m excited though… not stressed, which is so unlike me.

101 in 1001: I created my 101 in 1001 things list and it officially started last week. Nothing completed yet, but lots of stuff is in progress or on the near horizon. I’m excited to get going and start completing the goals on my list…. I plan to document via my 101 in 1001 blog with entries and pictures where possible. It should be fun.

Money/ Work: Funds are tight right now because so much has come up recently (new puppy, Lola getting sick, summer plans like weddings and reunions, car trouble etc). We’re making it work though and trying to stay well away from credit cards. They’re getting paid down and I want it to stay that way. Work is SUPER slow right now and I’m totally bored most of the time, but I’m hoping to look for a job in Toronto if I get into school since that’s where my classes will be. That means I just have to hold on for another couple of months (both hold on to my sanity from the boredom, and look busy so I don’t get laid off). It’s really hard to look busy 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and I don’t think I’m being very successful. I come in at 8:30, leave for 1 hour at lunch to let the dogs out, and then leave at 4:30…. That’s not a full day and I’m sure the people that sit across from me who are SUPER busy with stuff that I can’t help them with (they’re engineers), notice this.

Crazy busy: we had the reunion this past weekend, a wedding this coming weekend, an outdoor music festival next weekend (TRAGICALLY HIP, one of my fave bands, ARE HEADLINING! WAHOO!), a cottage trip the following weekend…. Basically, we’re crazy busy, but it’s good. However it makes the summer fly by which I hate! Especially since the weather has been shit so far. Oh well.

Anyways, that’s my catch-up after almost 2 weeks in a nutshell. Are you asleep on your keyboard yet?

Jenny- 13 weeks... hanging out w/ "Little Ashley T" at the games.

Me, Myself and I... oh, and Jenny too.

*Originally posted on Friday June 5 2009*

I have the house to myself this weekend and I’m pumped about it. Bub and I were supposed to go to the cottage together for the first time this season, but I decided that I would rather stay home for now. I want to get a couple more weeks of Jenny training in before we take her up, otherwise it will be no fun chasing her around the whole time. So H and Lola are going up with my IL’s and Jenny and I are staying home.

My plan is to try to get some good training time in with Jenny, without Lola distracting her. I want to get my back garden weeded (it’s totally overgrown from the last owners), get my house clean and then READ. I’ve been totally distracted from my books lately, especially since we got Jenny, and I need to make a dent in this ever growing TBR pile. I’ve heard raves about my current book but I have only read about 80 pages in a week so I can’t have an opinion yet. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight.

Okay… now for the part that was kinda weird. When I texted DH this morning and said “I’m not going to come up to the cottage, but go if you want and take Lola with you” he just said “cool”. He didn’t even ask me why I wasn’t going. Now… this was not one of those situations where I wanted him to convince me to come. He wouldn’t do that because he knows that when I have my mind set, there’s nothing he can do (and I don’t play games like that), but it was just strange that he accepted it immediately and didn’t even say “why” or “are you feeling ok” or whatever. He just said “cool”. It’s very strange of him not to be concerned or at least curious.

Oh well… I’m looking forward to my weekend alone. Hopefully Jenny goes easy on me and I’m not cleaning up lots of messes. I do know one thing though, I’m stopping for a bottle- oh- wine on my way home!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I took a leap... time to hit the books again (hopefully)

I just submitted my application to go back to school. I’m so friggin’ excited it’s not even funny. I had to apply to go back part-time as we just couldn’t afford to pay for school and have me not working. So, it will take longer than I would like, but it will be worth it. I LOVE school, I miss school and I can’t wait to go back. I really, really, really hope this all works out.

I applied for three undergrad programs at York University:

-Honors English (with which I can continue to law school or teachers college)
-Business and Society
-Business Administration with a focus on Management

I better get in to one of them because it costs $178 just to apply! $110 for the application, $8 to have my transcript from college forwarded to the University and $60 charged for admin fees by York. YIKES! My Mum was so excited that I finally decided to go back that she said “I’ll pay for it, just do it!” so it will be really nice if she remembers that she made that promise.

My Mum was really disappointed (although never said anything) when I decided not to continue with my schooling after I received my first post-secondary diploma. She was only disappointed because she knows what I really want to do (which is go to law school) and she felt like I was making a mistake for myself and that I would regret it later. She was right. By not continuing right away I lost my scholarship which paid for most of my first diploma, and got myself into a place that makes it really hard to go back (full-time career, owning a home, marriage, wanting to start a family etc.). But, now that I realize it’s what I really want to do I'm just doing it.... it's never too late right?

I can take courses via correspondence if necessary, but I thrive in a classroom/academic environment so I’m hoping that if I get in I can work the classes around my existing work schedule. It’s an hour commute to the campus each way but I’ll figure something out because this is really important to me.

So I’m asking everyone to keep their fingers crossed for me. I need luck for three things:

1. I need to get accepted first and foremost
2. I applied for advanced standing based on my previous diploma. So if I get in, they will review my classes and grades (I had a 4.0 GPA and graduated with high honors) and determine how many transfer credits I will get. I can get up to basically one year’s worth of credits which would be AWESOME! I’m hoping for as many as I can get.
3. If all works out, I have to hope that I can work a decent amount of classes into my schedule and budget!

I don’t know how long I can wait to find out! Here’s hoping.

Monday, June 1, 2009

One new puppy + one very sick puppy = very tiring weekend

Well, my puppy post-partum has passed for the most part. I’m definitely bonding with Jenny, but I’m having waves of “why did we do this to ourselves”. The one thing I keep telling myself is that she won’t be this much work forever. Once we get over the hump of house-training, then we’ll be golden. This is a challenge and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. LOL. Jenny and Lola have been getting along SO great which is a big relief for me! They play all the time, and they play hard. Lola is gentle with the baby, but still knocks her around quite a bit. It’s hilarious to watch.

We took Jenny for a couple of walks with Lola and for the most part, she’s doing very well on her leash. It’s so funny to see this little peanut walking at the end of the great long leash. She was all tuckered out by the time we got home from the park on Friday.

Friday night I got up to take Jenny outside at about 4 am and when I came down through the living room, I realized that Lola was lying on the couch. This is not like her because she’s usually between us in the bed. I took Jenny out and when I came back in I saw not one, not two, but FIVE piles of doggy vomit on the floor in the living room. I took Jenny upstairs, woke Bub up and asked him to clean the poop out of her crate (which was the first time she’s had an accident in the crate- great, two dogs and two messes at the same time) and told him that I was cleaning up after Lola downstairs. I took Lola outside; made sure she got a drink of water and brought her back to bed with us. In the morning when I came down there was more vomit on the floor. This progressed with Lola all morning until she threw up a total of 11 times. She was throwing up all morning and then heaving when there was nothing left to come up. She was completely lethargic, not drinking or eating or even lifting her head when you came in the room. I put her up on our bed in the pillows (her favorite spot) and she didn’t move for hours. She wouldn’t even take wet food (which is like GOURMET to her and she normally goes nuts for it) or even the “people food” I was trying to give her out of desperation. I put a towel and some water on my bedside table to that she wouldn’t have to get down to drink and she didn’t touch it. I was stressed right out so I called the vet and made an appointment. My little girl is normally so loving and happy… and it was so sad to see her so sick, not even lifting her head to say hello when you walked in.

We went to the vet (I had to carry her in and hold her on my lap in the waiting room) and got her checked. She was so sick she didn’t even flinch the whole time the male vet examined her. This is big because she’s terrified of strange males. She had a high fever and elevated heart rate, but her color was good, nothing weird on her breath and no tenderness in her tummy so we just decided it was a strange stomach bug. He gave her a shot of antibiotics, gave her puppy pepto (he had to shoot it into her mouth with a syringe) with antibiotic to calm her tummy so she could eat and drink and gave me a prescription for her for the next 5 days. $120 we were on our way home (YIKES!). The vet gave me instructions to get something in her tummy, no matter what it was. “Whatever she’ll eat, baby food, wet food, bread with peanut butter… just get something in her stomach”. She still wouldn’t eat when we got home, and went right back to bed, but at about 8 o’clock she quietly appeared in the kitchen. I immediately gave her some wet food and she had a few bites. By the time she went to bed, she had eaten most of a package of wet food, had a couple of drinks and gone outside. Bubba slept on the couch when he got home so that Lola could sleep comfortably beside me in bed. Sunday was better, she’s not 100% but she’s up walking around and eating a little more. We have to trick her to take her pill, but she’s doing it, so hopefully she’s over the worst.

I was so worried about my little girl. It was difficult to care for the new puppy when all I wanted to do was cuddle with Lola, but we all made it through the weekend and hopefully it gets better from here.

Jenny- the day we brought her home (just shy of 10 weeks)

Lola- when she was about 2 years old.