Friday, September 26, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Posted Wednesday, September 03, 2008 9:15 AM
1.I talked with our mortgage broker and got my questions about the mortgage answered. It's going to be a good mortgage for us and I'm happy we went with this company.
2. I talked with our insurance broker and got a great quote. It's going to save us $35 per month from what we budgeted!!
3. With the above taken care of and a successful home inspection on Friday we were able to go and waive our conditions of sale last night and the house is officially sold to us! We take possession on Sept. 26th!!!
I'm feeling much better about all of this now. I know we still have a lot of things left to do that can be really stressful (like paying closing costs.. which is totally freaking me out) but we can do it. It will all work out and I'm excited!
After getting a good deal on our insurance last night I am determined to find other deals for us. Example: we used to have our home phone with one company and our cable/internet with another. I looked online today and we can bundle those three things together with one company and save more the $50/month for the same or better service. I may get a new cell phone and add it to the same bundle as I've been thinking about going on a plan anyway and this would make it cheaper than if I did it seperately.
Any other cost cutting suggestions? Anything would be appreciated! :)

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