Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 More "Sleep"

Tomorrow we finally close on our first house. I don't think I've been this excited about anything in my life, with the exception of our wedding, and even that was a totally different excitement. After 3 years of trying to buy a house and constantly hitting brick walls, it's finally happening for us, and we love this house. Even though we had a very quick closing, this house has been a long time coming.

I've decided to work the morning tomorrow, rather than sitting around at MIL's waiting for the phone call. However, I'm sure it may just be the longest 4 hours of my working life! :) I'm a little unclear as to what all tomorrow will entail, but as long as we have the fees paid and the keys by the end of the day, I'll be happy.

We plan to go in a clean with a team of people tomorrow night and we're definitely going to sleep there, even though we won't have our bed in yet. We'll just camp out on the floor, as uncomfortable as it may be, and I'm sure I'll love every second of our first night in the house.

Saturday the major moving will happen. Most of our "stuff" is packed in our rented storage unit but there's a few things at Bub's Mum's and a few things at my Mum's to pick up. I believe there are enough guys for the heavy moving to allow me to stay at the house on Saturday and get things unpacked and setup! I'm so excited to do all of that. The only thing I'm concerned about is lack of cupboard space in the kitchen, but I'll have to figure it out! :)

This is the real-estate listing shot of the house.

It has: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 full, 1 half), 1100 square feet, 170ft deep lot, fenced yard

My favorite things about the house!?!
-The dishwasher
-The wood burning fireplace and mantel
-My new front load stacking washer and dryer of my own
-The huge (fenced) backyard (great for our puppy Lola)
-Our front porch
-Our back deck and patio
-The unfinished basement that we can make our own

My least favorite things about the house?!?
-It's going to need new shingles soon (within a couple of years)
-Small kitchen and bathrooms
-The weird walls they started in the basement. What were they doing?!?

What I'm most looking forward to:
-Lola being home with us full-time. I can't wait until she's there when we get home from work everyday.
-Getting a second dog
-Being able to host parties/ gatherings/ bbq's because we finally have the space
-Having a library/office where I can read or play on the computer without being in Bub's way so he can do what he wants
-Having an upstairs and several rooms so that we can have our space when we need it.
-Sitting on the porch in the evenings this fall wrapped in a blanket with a tea and a great book.
-Decorating for holidays
-Playing w/ Lola in the big back yard and not having to physically go out with her when she needs to pee.
-Dinners in front of the fireplace this winter... :)
-Finishing the basement
-Air hockey/dart tournaments with Bub!
-Having our own space again
-Cooking great dinners/ experimenting together
...... this list could go on forever

What I'm not looking forward to:
-Shovelling the driveway
-Not having a super to call when something goes wrong... it's our responsibility now!
-The bill increase

I'm pretty sure today is going to last forever... and tomorrow will feel even longer. Here's hoping that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that we don't hit any road bumps or snags.

I can't wait to be in our house!

*lots of pics to follow*

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