Friday, September 26, 2008

I feel very blah!!!!

Posted Monday, September 15, 2008 11:56 AM
SICK SICK SICK.... I hate colds. Don't get my wrong, I'd prefer a good cold to a stomach bug any day, but seriously... this is very unpleasant. I have no sick leave and therefore am at work, plugging away, sounding like a little kid because my sniffles are getting worse and worse.
We were supposed to have a great weekend, but here's how it really turned out:
1. Friday night: we were supposed to go to the Oro Fair- well it rained all evening so we scratched that. Disappointing.
2. Later Friday night: we got together with some friends before heading down to a local club for a CD release party of a friends band. I was super excited for this but about 30 minutes before the band was scheduled to go on I started feeling really sick and achy and had to go home. Then I had to drive back downtown to get DH after they played because I didn't want him to have to miss it and come home with me earlier or pay 20 bucks for a cab.
3. Saturday: Write-off. I felt pretty crappy all day and just hung out around the house with my puppy all day (which is not a lot of fun when staying with MIL and BIL). DH and I did go shopping briefly and each bought a new outfit, but then I had to return to my jammies.
4. Sunday: We were going to shop for stuff for the house. We had a list but the main focus was a stove, a lawn mower, a patio set and a weed whacker. After 4 hours of shopping we found NONE of this stuff (out of season or out of stock) and in the process DH lost his cell phone. We still had fun hanging out together, but it was discouraging. Plus... I was still sick.
Now today is the worst sick day and, of course, I don't have the option of being at home in bed today. So, I watch the clock and await 4:30 when I can go get my waxing done and then go home. I want nothing more than a hot bath and my book. Oh well.... 4.25 hours to go! :(

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