Friday, September 26, 2008

3 More "Sleeps"

Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2008 9:21 AM
Has anyone every seen the commercial for Disney World where the little boy and his sister are talking in their bedrooms about what each of them thinks it will be like and the mom yells something about that they need to go to sleep... and then the little boy,in the absolute cutest voice, with the absolute cutest grin on his face says "we're too excited to sleep" and falls back onto his pillow?
That's totally me right now. We get the house sometime on Friday (hence the "3 more sleeps") and I'm too excited to think about anything else! My work day yesterday dragged out for what felt like days and I'm sure that today, tomorrow and Thursday will feel the same. Then, I pulled a really stupid move and didn't take all of Friday off. I've either booked or used all of my vacation and personal days for the year and only had 4.75 hours banked, so I only took a half day. That's probably going to be the longest morning of my life, although sitting around at home waiting for the call would suck too. Such a long week!!!!!!!!!!
I'm trying to keep busy after work with house related projects. Last night, I sanded down the main part of our dresser (will do the drawers tonight) so that it can be painted. I'm painted the bedside tables to match as well since they are currently two different colors of wood. Hopefully this keeps me occupied.
I think it was MrsS that said last week that this would be the longest 9 days of my life and god was she right. The wait is friggin' killing me!

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