Friday, September 26, 2008

Tough Decision

Posted Tuesday, June 03, 2008 8:50 AM
So after my yucky day yesterday (in which I ate nothing but a buttered bagel at 8am) my husband arrives home last night to tell me that he has been offered another, better, job. Now.... 3 months ago this news would have made my head-spin and caused my body to unconciously do a "happy dance". However, we made the decision a month ago to move out of our apartment and stay with my MIL for 3-5ish months while we looked for a house. It's too late to go back on that now because we move out in 2.5 weeks. But.... if DH takes the new job we may have a problem getting a mortgage because of his new employment status. He's new (prospective) boss is aware of our problem, but has offered to right a letter of permanent employment for us, but I believe that with the mortgage option that we are looking at, each signer is required to have 12 months steady employment. Until now that wasn't an issue. He has been at his current job fo 5.5 years, and I at mine for 1.5 years.
He seemed really excited about the offer and I told him it was his call. He was concerned, just as I was.
I honestly don't know what I want. Well, not true... I really want him to take the job, but I REALLY want a house. I can't ask him to give up a great career move though just so that we can be in a house faster. He wouldn't ever ask me to do that. Plus, it would be better if he has this new job when we got into a house. It's more $$!
I think I'll have to call a few mortgage people and ask what effect this will have on our chances of getting a mortgage at a decent rate. I'm so scared to hear the answer!
I hope we can work something out so that we can have both! Why can't it ever be simple?

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