Friday, September 26, 2008

What a waste!

Posted Thursday, August 14, 2008 8:17 AM
So last night didn't go quite as planned. I went home and both MIL and BIL were there. I talked with them for a little while and then grabbed a bowl of cereal and 100 calorie bag of crackers and went to our bedroom to read. I didn't want anything to heavy in my stomach when I went to swim and my BIL was using the kitchen to cook a steak dinner so my fish meal was out of the question. I laid down to read and next thing I knew I was waking up and it was 8:10. The swim started at 8:15 and I still didn't know where bathing suit, googles or cap were. I figured, by the time I got everything together, got over there, paid, got changed etc. the swim would be mostly over. I resigned myself to another night of just walking. I cheered myself up by deciding that I would walk and meet DH has he walked home from work (when he works evenings he walks to and from work because he doesn't have time for an actual walk other than that). So I dove back in to my book deciding I would leave at between 9 and 910. Well... I am so in love with the book I am reading right now that I got caught right up and all of a sudden DH was walking into our bedroom and it was 10:25.
Of course by this point I'm not the least bit tired because I'd been napping since 6ish so I kept on reading. When I still couldn't sleep an hour later DH and I got busy, but even that was interuppted by a nasty foot cramp! So, that was the closest thing to exercise I got all day yesterday. :)
What a waste of an evening! Although, any night that I can curl up with a book that I love as much as my current one is a night well spent. Still.... I was really looking forward to my swim. Oh well!!!!

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