Friday, September 26, 2008

We're on the same sweet page!

Posted Tuesday, May 06, 2008 9:18 AM
Talking with my hubby last night about our moving plans, and house plans etc. for the next couple of months and I told him that it's going to be hard for me, once we get a house, to see two empty rooms and not want to have a baby. I told him that I wasn't trying to freak him out, but I was just being honest. He then totally surprised my by saying that he was not at all freaked out and he thinks that within a year max. of moving into a house we'll be pregnant! :) He told me that he has been thinking about it a lot lately and that he's excited about it, but he definately wants us in a house before baby comes.
I was so happy I thought I was going to cry. I feel we're finally making motions towards the things that we have always said that we want. I know we have to take everything one step at a time, and we're not going to rush into anything, but I am so happy that we're both on the same page.

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