Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spoiled (Exhausted) Brat

Well... my Dad's gone. He flew out this morning so we had to say goodbyes last night.

I love my Dad to pieces and I really wish he didn't have to go, but at the same time, I am sooooo looking forward to going home tonight and crashing. I'm exhausted from constantly going going going since last Tuesday when he arrived. That and my house is a mess (it's needs a major tidy and a good cleaning) because we usually clean on the weekend, but were too busy + we had a constant stream of people in and out for a week. My little house needs some attention! Even my dog is tired. She's used to quiet nights of just the "3" of us making dinner, going for a walk and reading or watching TV. This last week she's had to deal with a constant stream of people, 0 cuddle time, lots of playing etc. She had fun but she's ready for a break too. Last night, after everyone left, I got in the tub and DH came in with the dog to talk to me, and within seconds she had curled up in my towel on the floor and was snoring away! Poor baby. It was funny.
Tonight- I'm going to ignore the mess the best I can and just have dinner, walk the dog and veg. Hopefully I can go to bed early too.

My Dad is soooo crazy. He spoils me more now than he did when I was a little kid. In this trip he:
-bought the supplies and painted our office/library
-bought us a new computer desk
-bought us a 26 inch flat screen TV for the bedroom (our x-mas present- it's soooo much better than our 13 inch!)
-bought the supplies and fixed the closet door and bathroom door
-offered to buy me another winter coat when I couldn't decide between two that I really liked... I wouldn't let him (I paid for the first one)
-took us out for 7 meals and paid for the groceries for the food that we had a my house (I told him he was crazy, but he insisted that his vists shouldn't cost us money, he's so dumb)... he also paid for countless coffees while we were out and about, 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of rye

It makes me feel bad that he feels like he has to do that stuff for us. I'm happy if he just visits, but he likes to spoil me/us. I hope he can get down with my step-mom this summer, or perhaps Bub and I can make the trip up there again.

Another bright note? I bought a digital scale this weekend since I haven't weighed myself since probably last winter/spring. I have lost a grand total of............................... 54 POUNDS!!!!! I'm PUMPED! I have only got 13 pounds to go until I'm at my goal weight. It makes it seem so much more attainable! DH has lost over 100 pounds! So between us, thats a full grown person! When you think about it that way... it's pretty effing crazy.

We may head to Niagara Falls for one night this weekend. Since my FIL and his fiance have a room for a few days and DH's fav restaurant is there, they have invited us to spend one night and treat us to dinner. I thought about getting our own room for the weekend, but we both need atleast one night at home and one morning to sleep in and be lazy since we've been so busy lately. Either way, I hope to have a quiet weekend.

Works been OK the past couple of days (KNOCK ON WOOD x 1000) so hopefully it stays that way! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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