Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the spirit of positive thinking....

I shouldn't be thinking about this but.....

Each quarter our company has what they call "Cause for Applause" nominations. That's where you can nominate your fellow co-workers (companywide) for their outstanding performance over the quarter, and they receive a plaque and $500 bonus (it used to be $1000, but the state of the economy tends to change things like that). 3 winners, one from each office location, are chosen quarterly. We have a monthly company-wide conference call and in that call they announce the winners and present the plaques.
The winners for Oct-Dec have been chosen and we to be announced tomorrow, but the call was post-poned until next Friday. Generally, HR in couriers the winners plaque to me so that I can present it during the call. Well, the plaques arrived this morning in a sealed box and they were addressed to a director in our office and the co-founder of the original company, with instructions for him to present it in the meeting. At first I was offended... thinking "why the change? was I not presenting with enough zazazu?" But then I thought... maybe I won???? They wouldn't send me the plaque to present to myself if that was the case.

I could REALLY use $500 bucks right now (although after tax it's probably like a dollar or something). I would love to slap a $500 payment on one of my credit cards along with what I am hoping will be a largish tax return next month. It would put a huge dent in the debt that I am trying to pay off this year.

I probably didn't win.. and I've probably jinxed myself by posting about it, but I can't help but wonder! :) Additionally... I'm trying to find any tiny little positive things about my job right now and that would definately be one!

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