Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uh Oh world, look out. As of 9:30 last night... I'm a non-smoker!

That's right... I took my pack out of my purse and decided that I am now a non-smoker. It's a strange feeling because it was such a big part of my life, but I'm doing ok so far. However, I didn't normally smoke in the morning so it's not like I'm missing anything yet. The hard part will start after I eat my lunch. I have a feeling the next couple of days could be really rough, so I feel back for my co-workers and especially for my husband. Hopefully it sticks.

I ran the first workout of the C25K program this morning. My arms and shoulders needed a break, so I skipped my regular lap swim. I downloaded a hip-hop podcast that's structured around the program so I didn't have to time myself. This made it a lot easier, but the workout wasn't overly challenging. I'm def looking forward to moving up a level or two.

I'm registering for the 5k leg of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September. I'm hoping I can get another 5k in before that so I can get my feet wet as the Toronto race is a BIG race (up to 13,000 racers) so it might be a little overwhelming. It sounds so awesome though... it's a whole weekend event, dinner the night before, an expo and then during the race there is live entertainment (every 2k), after race massages etc. Every person who finished the half or full marathon (unfortunately, not the 5k) gets a finishers medal.... it's awesome. Hopefully this year I can run the 5k, next year the half, and the following year the full. Although, I have to fit a pregnancy in there somewhere so that may not work out quite how I see it now.

I'm just going to stay focused on the following to stay away from my cigarettes:
-I'm healthier already
-I'm saving $$
-I don' t have to stand out in the cold
-I won't smell like an ashtray
-My teeth will be whiter (although all the tea I drink doesn't help)
Here goes nothing! I'm kinda scared!

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