Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Way over the limit!

I had a pretty good (quiet) weekend but in terms of health and weight-loss, it was basically a write-off. It seemed that the whole weekend revolved around food!

Friday night: we had dinner @ MIL’s with MIL and DH’s Aunt. It was really quiet because BIL has FINALLY moved out (he’s over 30) and SIL was at her new boyfriends for the weekend (she’s 29). We ate WAY too much food and played Clue and then headed home.

Saturday: DH and I got up and took the dog out to Copeland forest for a long walk. It was super sunny and therefore a perfect day for a walk. Lola had a blast but was totally pooped by the time we got back to the car. We stopped at the grocery story and then headed home after that.
We had decided to stay in this year for v-day, and so we made this amazing dinner and dessert together, ate it and then plopped our butts on the couch to watch some of our fav shows that were collecting on the PVR. That was the extent of our v-day.

Dinner: DH made chicken breast stuffed with spinach, light ricotta cheese and garlic with roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes and steamed asparagus and snow peas.

Dessert: I made a chocolate chip cookie tart. See this link… I got the recipe from the Nest. YOU MUST TRY THIS DESSERT if you have a sweet tooth or are a chocolate lover. It’s AMAZING.

Sunday: Breakfast in bed and then we took the rest of the dessert from the night before around to different members of the family (we didn’t want the leftover’s in the house as a temptation) and went shopping for new bedding for our bedroom. We were all over town for most of the day and found nothing. We did go out for lunch, which I couldn’t afford $$ wise or calorie wise after Friday and Saturday nights.

Monday: I alternated between reading, sleeping and lounging in the tub until almost 1pm. Met my mum, step-dad, sister and nephew for a late lunch (again- the calories count for the day was blown out of the water) and then went home to have FIL and his fiancé over for dinner (they brought dinner) and watch Express (which is a really great movie). Yes- I ate 2 meals in less than 3 hours and yes- I felt disgusting.

So this week I have to concentrate on detoxing and staying within my daily calorie limit. I went for a swim this morning but I’m meeting my BFF for dinner tonight (again, can’t afford to eat out, drive up there to meet her, or consume the extra calories, but I’m doing it anyway) so it’s not going to be easy. Hopefully there will be some healthy options on the menu.

OH! and I had to bitch about this for a minute. I went for my swim this morning, go out to the pool deck (I swim in a small three lane pool) and the fast and medium lanes are occupied. In the medium lane it a woman doing the slowest side stroke I've ever seen in the middle of the lane, which means, I'm not getting around her. In the fast lane was the HUGE woman, basically doing the doggy paddle... again, in the middle of the lane. So, I (who used to be a competative swimmer) have to jump into the slow lane. This is fine, except the friggin handicapped stairs are in this lane and therefore in my way from doing my lengths properly. It pissed me off because it was just inconsiderate. Why would you get in the fast lane? It's not like you wouldn't know.... there are signs, and your now watching me do 2.5-3 lengths to your 1, and stuggling with the friggin stairs. Obviously there is something wrong here and you should not be in the fast lane. Not only that, but if someone else comes out and gets in the slow lane... I can't pass them, because it's the slow lane. Meanwhile, you take up the entire fast and medium lanes so I can't share those with you either. It's okay to swim in the slow lane... you're a slow swimmer and it's where you should be. Now my workout suffers because your too embarassed. Leave the fast lane for the fast swimmers or atleast make room for us and be prepared to constantly be passed. I hope it's better tomorrow.

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