Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I saw that one coming.....

It was my regular Wednesday weigh in this morning (nothing formal… I just weigh myself on Wednesday mornings at the gym before my swim). I’ve gained a pound this week. Yes- it’s definitely a setback, but I saw it coming. As per my previous post, I had a rough weekend “diet” wise and I didn’t do much exercising (although I blew my cardio minute goal out of the water, I didn’t feel like much). I’m cracking down this week though, because I have to make up for that gain.
I’ve decided to start running when the weather gets nice using the C25K program. I’m going to run the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront 5K in September. Depending on how training goes, I may try a smaller scale 5K before that. This is my motivator to quit smoking and I’ve been really thinking about it lately and it sounds more and more appealing the more I think about it. I’m not gonna lie though… I will REALLY miss it.
My workout this morning was awesome. The pool was really busy and I was the only female so I felt the need to really push myself to keep up with the guys. I’m definitely feeling it in my arms and shoulders now. I’m working really hard on endurance and proficiency in my crawl… perhaps I see a Triathlon in my future? That would be so cool!
I’m getting ahead of myself now… one step at a time! Happy Hump Day!

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