Friday, February 6, 2009

Blissfully Dull

As I mentioned before, we’re heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow overnight, to join my FIL and his fiancé for dinner and drinks. Although it’s only one night, I’m looking forward to it. We always have a good time with them. I’m hoping the hotel has a hot tub because I’m dying to laze in the warm water with a book.

Plan for tonight (here comes the mind-blowing Friday night plans of a 20 something): Clean the house, grocery shopping, walk the dog and make dinner. I’m reading a great book that I would love to dive into more tonight. Exciting huh? I’m so boring lately. I want to get everything done tonight so we can sleep in tomorrow and then head to Niagara on our own time. It’s only a 2.5 hour drive, so it’s not bad.

Things are settling down at work, for the time being at least. Although I’m always on edge for the next crisis/ unpleasant confrontation, it’s been pleasantly dull this week. I’m bored out of my mind (which makes the days VERY long) but I suppose it’s much better than being on the verge of tears or a raging outburst every second of every day. I wish there was just a happy medium I could find. Is it too much to ask that I am busy and challenged, yet not completely stressed out and overwhelmed? It’s one extreme or the other. I’m thinking my job is safe for the next little while too, which is a relief.

OH! We’ve made a rather big decision too. We had originally planned to start TTC at some point this year, but we talked about it after giving it a lot of thought separately, and we’re going to wait until early next year. That gives us a year to get the credit cards paid off and for Bub to look for a better job. It also gives me one more summer to be just me. I can do my white water rafting, and hopefully get another skydive in… not to mention a group camping trip and cottaging on weekends. I always said I’d like to start around 25 and I’ll only be 24 this may so it’s about what we planned anyway. I think the house just put me into fast-forward for a little while, but I’ve realized now that as much as I am dying to start a family, we’re in no rush and we’re not done being “carefree” quite yet. The in-laws may be a little disappointed, but they’ll live.

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