Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost 6 bags of potatoes... gone!

I weighed myself at the gym this morning (before my workout, on an empty stomach) and I’m down 3 more pounds! That means I have 10 pounds to go until my goal weight. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I really thought that I would never do it. I thought I was doomed to be “the fat girl” for the rest of my life. I’m a dress size away and then it’s about maintenance! My BMI is now (and has been for a little while) in the “healthy” range, and I’m also considered a healthy weight for my height.

My grand-total weight loss is now 57lbs! I’ve lost the equiv. of almost 6, 10lb bags of potatoes! Stack those one on top of the other and it’s pretty significant. The means between Bub and I we’ve lost 167 pounds! That’s a light adult male. When you put it in to those terms it seems HUGE.

Now it’s about toning. I am going to start following the strength training exercises recommended on my Spark People program. We’ll see if those work. I would also like to try 30 Day Shred. The girls on the Nest H&F board rave about it, but I can’t seem to get my hands on a copy. My biggest goal is to get rid of my “Oprah Arms” (Oprah, I love you… no offense) and flabby tummy. I would like to see improvement on my back and thighs, but they aren’t the huge priority right away. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I will say that I like my calves. They’re just toned enough… not too much and I like the look in heels. And my rear? Not too shabby! I like the fact that I have body parts that I actually like now. If you would have asked me a year ago what I liked about my body, I would have said “nothing”.

Weight loss and the lifestyle changes haven’t always been easy, but they haven’t been nearly as hard as I thought they would. I like to be part of the “healthy” crowd at work and I like that I can say I don’t remember the last time I ate McDonalds. My next goal will be to run a 5k. I have lots of training to do for that, and will need to quit smoking first, but I’m determined.

On another note- tonight, Bub and I are taking a cooking class together at a local country club. How cheesy is that? My mom signed us up for it and paid for it and since we both love cooking (especially Bub) I thought it might be fun. I just hope that we’re not making something that one of us doesn’t like. I’ll guess we’ll see!

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