Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hoping for Rain

My big research paper is due in class tonight. I finished it on Tuesday, actually Wednesday morning at about 1 am, thank god. I plan to re-read once more today on my lunch break and make any last minute tweaks and changes. I’m actually looking forward to class tonight, although I have to admit I usually do with my Thursday class, but especially tonight when I’ll put the paper in my Prof’s hands and never have to think about it again (except the nerves and jitters waiting for a mark which I probably won’t get since we only have 2 lectures left after tonight). It’s been hanging over my head since September, so it’s beyond satisfying to have it done. I’m going to celebrate by stopping by the library tonight after class (I don’t care that it will be almost 11pm) and returning all my reference materials. I also finished my final 2 case study submissions for my OB class last week and did well; I actually got bonus marks on one!

So, what does all this mean? It means that this weekend I’m going to crash. Yes- I still have online classes to do, and yes, exams are coming up in a couple weeks, but I’m exhausted and am going to take advantage of this weekend to ignore everything that has anything to do with school. We’ve got tentative plans for Friday and Saturday night, but I’m almost debating cancelling. I just want to sleep and get a little reading done. It’s funny because I’m always saying I’m bored and want to have busy fun-fun-filled weekends and now that I have one planned that I can actually participate in, all I can think about is sleeping.

The forecast is calling for rain this weekend and while most people are angry about this because it’s been beyond gorgeous all work week, I’m looking forward to it. I would feel so guilty lazing around if it was beautiful outside, but if it’s rainy I’ll get my cleaning and grocery shopping done and spend the rest of the weekend watching the rain and reading. Perfect.

I got my notes done quickly in class last night so I left early. I was tired to the point that I was actually starting to feel sick, so when I got home I made a quick salad (followed by an entire sleeve of saltines) and was in bed just before 10! I was so excited to have a really solid night’s sleep. ….and then the phone rang just after 11, waking my from my glorious slumber. It was my husband, requesting a ride home from the bar where he was celebrating St. Patty’s with some buddies. To be fair, 11 is normally when I would be getting home from class so he didn’t think I’d be sleeping… but I’d been talking to him on and off all night via text and he didn’t say a word about need a ride (otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to bed). I was pissy because that morning he had woke me up at 5:45 for a ride to work when I had only been in bed for 4 hours. But I went and got him anyway because he had to work early and it would take too long to walk home. I pulled up to the lights next to the bar just as they were going green and of course there were cars behind me waiting to go…. and my darling husband decides to continue his conversation on his way to the car in super slow motion. This caused me to starting spitting fire because the people behind me were getting pissed I wasn’t going on the green. I literally pointed and yelled “get in the effing car… the effing light is green.” He got in apologizing up to and down, and I just ignored him and drove him home in silence. Our friends probably think I’m a bitch, but I blame my behaviour on pure exhaustion. Of course, by this point I was awake and it took forever to get back to sleep even once I got back in my bed. Coulda killed him. He’s a smart boy though- he didn’t bother to wake me up this morning for a ride to work. He got his hung-over ass out of bed early enough to walk the 10 minutes down the road to his workplace. This some consideration probably saved him about 4 days in the dog house.

Maybe I’m just not safe to talk to at all until I get some sleep.

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