Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good News....Can You Believe It???

I TOLD you I wasn't as negative and whiney as I've been coming across lately.

We finally got some good news about my father-in-law! He was back in yesterday for a scope and CT – scan and was told that it looks like the cancer is isolated to the tumor and hasn’t penetrated the lining of his esophagus yet. If that’s actually the case, it means removing the tumor itself, and that’s that! We don’t have the results of the CT yet and the Oncologist still wants to do tests of his own- but the doctor said he was more confident than ever that it had been caught earlier enough to not be a major problem. Hooray!

Now we just have to convince him to quit chewing his damn tobacco and maybe we won’t have to worry about this again! According to tall the research I’ve done, the leading causes of this type of cancer are (and I’ll “check” the ones that affect my FIL): chewing tobacco-check, excessive alcohol consumption-check, excessive spicy foods/poor diet-check, excessive consumption of hot drinks- not really, chronic acid reflux -check. Yeah… so as you can see, he’s basically working against himself. I hope that the fact that he was so lucky this time will wake him up enough to quit the chew. It’s disgusting anyway. 

Moving on….my Aunt B is at home! She’s not back to work yet and needs someone (my other aunt) to stay with her, but the doctors think she’s out of the woods and on the mend! She has major liver damage and will have to make some changes to her (already fairly healthy) lifestyle, but she’s going to be fine. Double hooray!

Both Aunts with breast cancer are undergoing precautionary post-surgery radiation and are doing very well. Triple hooray!!

Finally having some positive news about our families has really lifted some of the tension that's been hanging out in our house lately.  It's really nice to skip the panic attacks every time the phone rings or my blackberry vibrates.

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Chic Fit Geek said...

That's great news Ashley!! I'm so happy to hear everything is going better.