Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With everything going on with the illness in my family on top of my Dad visiting and school, the little things in life, such as thoroughly cleaning my house, have been left unattended for a while. I was on the phone with my Mom on Sunday night sitting on the floor in my bedroom and realized, out loud, that I we hadn’t vacuumed in about 4 weeks. There is a bigger excuse for this which includes a broken vacuum, but the point is, it’s bad. We have 2 dogs both of whom shed like crazy, especially this time of year.

So, my Mom, knowing that I had busy nights ahead of me finishing my research paper and then class after work, stopped by my house yesterday while I was at work, with her vacuum and did the whole house for me. I don’t mean just a quick vacuum either… I’m talking moving couches and everything! Not only that, but then she took both my dogs out to the bush to wear them out off leash so they’d sleep while I worked on my paper. Then to top it off, she left me a bouquet of fresh tulips on the kitchen table.

She was just leaving when I got home and when I mentioned that I loved her new purse (my Mom is pretty hip- she’s a hairdresser, so she has to stay somewhat trendy) and she told me “you can have it then. It’s too big for me anyway. I can never find anything”. !!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great bag! I’m so excited.

I have the best Mom ever! She always wants to do nice things for us out of the blue, she wants to take care of us, and yet she’s not pushy or over-involved. Bub adores her and has an awesome relationship with her, and everyone thinks she’s the sweetest thing ever. All you have to do is say “where’s Ma?” to my dogs and they go mental…. They LOOOOOVE her.

She turns 50 next week and I can’t wait to take her some flowers on my lunch break just to see her face. We’re getting some friends and family together at her favorite restaurant that weekend and my sister and I are paying for her tattoo that’s she’s been talking about for years. I wish I had the money to do more for her, but she’s a pretty mellow person anyway so she’ll enjoy it.

After what’s been a really tiring few of weeks that aren’t quite over yet, the work that my Mom did yesterday just to help me out and let me know that she’s thinking about me absolutely made my day. Moms are the best.

The only pic I could find of my Mum and I on FB (that's sad)....
 Please excuse the horrible picture of me... this was day 1 of vacation first thing in the morning which means a) I'm exhausted and had just rolled out of bed b) I have no tan yet.


Chic Fit Geek said...

That is a great mom story! Mom's are the best at that.
Glad you got some breathing room!!

amdenman said...

That is so sweet of your mom! My future MIL will do that for us sometimes. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a relationship with my own mom, so you are extremely lucky.