Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A girl can dream....

I’m a purse and shoe girl at heart. I live for the perfect pair of boots or shoes and a great bag. I also adore fashion and trendy clothes. However, I’m also a full-time student and homeowner, which means that I don’t have money to support my own habit. My own wardrobe is incredibly limited (like under 10 outfits- it's really sad), especially since I’ve been consistently losing weight for 2 years and can’t keep anything for longer than a season. I have a couple pairs of great shoes and couple pairs of great boots, but that’s it. I’m envious of those ladies with real shoe collections and fabulous clothes to choose from every day. I hate most of my clothes.


I’ve always said that when I go to New York City, if I only buy one thing it will be a pair of Manolo’s (that's Manolo Blahniks for all you shoe neophites- GENIUS shoe designer). I have my eye on these lovelies right now….

hello beautiful....

well aren't you sexy... the perfect pairing for a LBD

::sigh::  Oh sorry... you're still there?  Right.  Back to blogging.

The day that my size 9 foot slides into a Manolo for the first time will be one of the happiest days of my life.  Too bad it's nowhere in the forseeable future.

On a more exciting note, I’ve decided that I’m going to save up to buy myself a great bag. Nothing major, just a couple hundred bucks (if that) but something fabulous. I have my eye on a few Guess and Coach bags.  The Guess bags are a little more realistic price wise but we'll see. 

I did some online browsing and a couple things caught my eye.

Guess- Folklore Shopper

 Kathy Van Zeeland- North/South Tote

As you can see, when it comes to bags, the bigger the better IMO.
And here is the dream bag... the bag I will buy myself when I graduate from University.  The bag I've been coveting for ever.... THE bag.
You can't get any classier than Chanel.  Every lady should have a Chanel.

It's just so pretty!!
I think my Dad and step-mom got me a Kathy bag for Chistmas so I was going to hold off. But, then I thought that I haven't bought myself a new purse in a lonnnnnng time and I'm due AND a girl can never have too many purses.
So, I'll try to wait patiently while I save the money (it will be a long process) and then treat myself.  I can't wait.  There's no better feeling than having a fabulous new purse on your arm.

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Tameka said...

I love purses and shoes! They always fit! Those Manolos are ridiculous...I can't wait to try on a pair either!