Wednesday, January 6, 2010 baby

When we brought Baby Lola home when she was just 10 weeks old, I went camera crazy.  Seriously.  I had so many pics of that dog it was kinda sickening.  But she was just the cutest puppy ever!!!!!  Until, one day, I turned my camera on to find that the memory card had errored ("memory card requires formatting") and I had lost all of my pictures.  I was heartbroken because I had yet to do a backup of any of the pics onto my PC.... which meant they were gone.  All the baby pictures of my sweet, sweet Lola were lost forever.

That was in late 2005 and early 2006.   Today, a friend of my Mum's contacted her to ask who I had used for my wedding invitiations.  I couldn't remember the vendor name so I logged in to my (very) old email address to look through my saved files for a confirmation email from the company to pass along. 

While searching through my saved messages, I found an email from December of 2005 from my Uncle titled "Baby Lola, Jake & Sydney" and another entitled "Baby Lola and the Doug-mister".  Jake and Sydney are my Uncle's dogs and Dougie is my Mum's dog... so I opened it up and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

Lola and her "Ma" (my Mum) on Christmas morning

Lola and Dougie on the stairs at my Mum's

My sweet girl giving sweet kisses

Baby pictures of my little Lola Bean!!!!  She looks so different now, but my GOD she really was the cutest puppy in the entire world.  You have no idea how happy these pictures make me.  I was so sad that I didn't have any pics from that time.  It's not many, but it's something.

I so love that little girl.  She's my furry soul-mate.

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