Monday, June 1, 2009

One new puppy + one very sick puppy = very tiring weekend

Well, my puppy post-partum has passed for the most part. I’m definitely bonding with Jenny, but I’m having waves of “why did we do this to ourselves”. The one thing I keep telling myself is that she won’t be this much work forever. Once we get over the hump of house-training, then we’ll be golden. This is a challenge and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. LOL. Jenny and Lola have been getting along SO great which is a big relief for me! They play all the time, and they play hard. Lola is gentle with the baby, but still knocks her around quite a bit. It’s hilarious to watch.

We took Jenny for a couple of walks with Lola and for the most part, she’s doing very well on her leash. It’s so funny to see this little peanut walking at the end of the great long leash. She was all tuckered out by the time we got home from the park on Friday.

Friday night I got up to take Jenny outside at about 4 am and when I came down through the living room, I realized that Lola was lying on the couch. This is not like her because she’s usually between us in the bed. I took Jenny out and when I came back in I saw not one, not two, but FIVE piles of doggy vomit on the floor in the living room. I took Jenny upstairs, woke Bub up and asked him to clean the poop out of her crate (which was the first time she’s had an accident in the crate- great, two dogs and two messes at the same time) and told him that I was cleaning up after Lola downstairs. I took Lola outside; made sure she got a drink of water and brought her back to bed with us. In the morning when I came down there was more vomit on the floor. This progressed with Lola all morning until she threw up a total of 11 times. She was throwing up all morning and then heaving when there was nothing left to come up. She was completely lethargic, not drinking or eating or even lifting her head when you came in the room. I put her up on our bed in the pillows (her favorite spot) and she didn’t move for hours. She wouldn’t even take wet food (which is like GOURMET to her and she normally goes nuts for it) or even the “people food” I was trying to give her out of desperation. I put a towel and some water on my bedside table to that she wouldn’t have to get down to drink and she didn’t touch it. I was stressed right out so I called the vet and made an appointment. My little girl is normally so loving and happy… and it was so sad to see her so sick, not even lifting her head to say hello when you walked in.

We went to the vet (I had to carry her in and hold her on my lap in the waiting room) and got her checked. She was so sick she didn’t even flinch the whole time the male vet examined her. This is big because she’s terrified of strange males. She had a high fever and elevated heart rate, but her color was good, nothing weird on her breath and no tenderness in her tummy so we just decided it was a strange stomach bug. He gave her a shot of antibiotics, gave her puppy pepto (he had to shoot it into her mouth with a syringe) with antibiotic to calm her tummy so she could eat and drink and gave me a prescription for her for the next 5 days. $120 we were on our way home (YIKES!). The vet gave me instructions to get something in her tummy, no matter what it was. “Whatever she’ll eat, baby food, wet food, bread with peanut butter… just get something in her stomach”. She still wouldn’t eat when we got home, and went right back to bed, but at about 8 o’clock she quietly appeared in the kitchen. I immediately gave her some wet food and she had a few bites. By the time she went to bed, she had eaten most of a package of wet food, had a couple of drinks and gone outside. Bubba slept on the couch when he got home so that Lola could sleep comfortably beside me in bed. Sunday was better, she’s not 100% but she’s up walking around and eating a little more. We have to trick her to take her pill, but she’s doing it, so hopefully she’s over the worst.

I was so worried about my little girl. It was difficult to care for the new puppy when all I wanted to do was cuddle with Lola, but we all made it through the weekend and hopefully it gets better from here.

Jenny- the day we brought her home (just shy of 10 weeks)

Lola- when she was about 2 years old.

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