Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy Weekend 2 of 3 Done!

Friday night-I made yummy striploin steaks wrapped in bacon on the bbq w/ big ceasar salad and we watched something, but I don’t even remember what. I finished my book as well and started on a new one.

Saturday- took Lola to get her nails clipped and then off to a wedding. It was my first full-on Catholic wedding and the ceremony was much longer than I was used to. I was married in a United Church but we had a “civil” ceremony and I was raised in a Baptist church which is about as different as you can get from Catholic. It was really, really nice but I was constantly found myself picking out the differences in my head.

1. Bridal party walks down the aisle and then sits in the pews. I liked having my bridal party standing behind me when I was getting married. This BP had no involvement in the ceremony other than walking down the aisle before the bride.
2. No asking “who gives this woman” and no “does anyone object” …. I liked having my parents state for everyone that they agreed to the marriage and were supporting me, and I gave the crowd (specifically a row of DH’s friends from HS) of people a dirty look they basically said “I dare you to say something” when our officiant asked if anyone objected. It was funny and the most memorable parts of my ceremony other than “I Do”. People still laugh about it.
3. No pictures during the ceremony… that’s too bad because I love to try to capture the brides face at different parts of the ceremony. So many different emotions.
4. The bride and groom sat through the whole thing. This was probably nice for them but I couldn’t see them and therefore couldn’t drool of the bride’s absolutely STUNNING dress or see their faces during the ceremony.
5. The standing, sitting, kneeling, standing again, oh nope now kneel down, okay come up and have some bread and a sip of wine (although I didn’t do communion ) okay kneel again…. geez! I definitely didn’t need to do my work out later that day.

What was really nice though was that the church was amazingly beautiful. Huge and old and the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony. Additionally, it’s what the bride and groom wanted and that’s what it’s all about right? It’s there day and they need to be happy. And they were… and I am happy for them (I had to qualify so I don't get damned to Catholic hell LOL).

I love getting dressed up and going to formal events like that. It gives me the opportunity to feel like a girl’s girl. I felt really great in how I looked (which is new for me because I used to be so self conscious) except apparently I’m reverting to my teens and my skin has decided to break out. Ick.

Dinner was awesome, very informal speeches and then partying… it was great. We left at about midnight and went to meet some friends at a club downtown. We were both WAY overdressed having come right from the wedding be it was still ok.
Sunday: we went a picked up the dogs who were at my Mum’s, Bub went and played tennis with his Dad and then we had dinner at FIL’s house. It was a busy day, but a good one.
I was tired when it was all said and done and I didn’t get my house cleaned (our vacuum is broken, and I can’t afford a new one at the moment) so I’m a little behind that way and won’t be able to catch up until Wednesday, but it was a great weekend all in all.

I’ve got boot-camp tonight and my nephews graduation tomorrow (grade 8), so I’m looking forward to Wednesday when I can get my house under control and get some rest!
Oh… and p.s. I still haven’t decided which program I’m going to take. It’s still between Business and English and I’m totally torn. Oh well, I’m working it out.

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