Thursday, June 4, 2009

I took a leap... time to hit the books again (hopefully)

I just submitted my application to go back to school. I’m so friggin’ excited it’s not even funny. I had to apply to go back part-time as we just couldn’t afford to pay for school and have me not working. So, it will take longer than I would like, but it will be worth it. I LOVE school, I miss school and I can’t wait to go back. I really, really, really hope this all works out.

I applied for three undergrad programs at York University:

-Honors English (with which I can continue to law school or teachers college)
-Business and Society
-Business Administration with a focus on Management

I better get in to one of them because it costs $178 just to apply! $110 for the application, $8 to have my transcript from college forwarded to the University and $60 charged for admin fees by York. YIKES! My Mum was so excited that I finally decided to go back that she said “I’ll pay for it, just do it!” so it will be really nice if she remembers that she made that promise.

My Mum was really disappointed (although never said anything) when I decided not to continue with my schooling after I received my first post-secondary diploma. She was only disappointed because she knows what I really want to do (which is go to law school) and she felt like I was making a mistake for myself and that I would regret it later. She was right. By not continuing right away I lost my scholarship which paid for most of my first diploma, and got myself into a place that makes it really hard to go back (full-time career, owning a home, marriage, wanting to start a family etc.). But, now that I realize it’s what I really want to do I'm just doing it.... it's never too late right?

I can take courses via correspondence if necessary, but I thrive in a classroom/academic environment so I’m hoping that if I get in I can work the classes around my existing work schedule. It’s an hour commute to the campus each way but I’ll figure something out because this is really important to me.

So I’m asking everyone to keep their fingers crossed for me. I need luck for three things:

1. I need to get accepted first and foremost
2. I applied for advanced standing based on my previous diploma. So if I get in, they will review my classes and grades (I had a 4.0 GPA and graduated with high honors) and determine how many transfer credits I will get. I can get up to basically one year’s worth of credits which would be AWESOME! I’m hoping for as many as I can get.
3. If all works out, I have to hope that I can work a decent amount of classes into my schedule and budget!

I don’t know how long I can wait to find out! Here’s hoping.

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