Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can your brain bounce right out of your head?

That's what my brain feels like it will do today... it's firing in all directions. I'm freaking out!

I want to make a decision about school because I want to setup my enrollment meeting, get my classes choosen and figure out how I'm going to pay the tab. I'm pretty sure that I want to take business, but I am so afraid that I am making the wrong decision. What happens if I get into Business and decide it's not for me and that I really should have gone through to get my English degree? Then what? More wasted time and money. I feel so much pressure to make the right decision that it's overwhelming me. Luckily, I'm still so excited about the whole thing that I can't quite be "grouchy" about it yet. Bubba should thank his lucky stars that I haven't reached that point yet. LOL

On top of all of this there is a growing list of stuff that we have to spend money on outside of school.

-car (breaks, oil change+ fix possible leak, fan belt)
-house (new roof before winter, fix window in bedroom, new small leak in a pipe in the basement, finish paying for lawn treatments we bought)
-all the stuff we had planned for this summer
-we want to take a trip (even just camping or a weekend away) before I go back to school because once that starts, I'll never be home (working 40 hours a week + school).
-Pets (Jenny needs 3rd set of shots in 2 weeks + both girls need heartworm prevention)
-My nephew graduates grade 8 tonight and I really want to get him some sort of funky (cuz I'm the cool aunt) keepsake. I can't think of anything that I can afford.

This is all on-top of school! Grrrr... I'm going to be putting myself back in major debt to go back to school and I'm not even done paying off my first student loan. Oh well, it will be worth it because I know I'd regret it if I didn't take advantage of this opportunity to go back.

I'm so torn. These degrees couldn't be more different, but neither are overly specific. English would mean a career change for me, but Business would allow me to keep doing what I am doing but at a much higher level and salary. GAH! I can't decide.

Is it strange that I have considered leaving my fate up to the flip of a coin?

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