Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Me, Myself and I... oh, and Jenny too.

*Originally posted on Friday June 5 2009*

I have the house to myself this weekend and I’m pumped about it. Bub and I were supposed to go to the cottage together for the first time this season, but I decided that I would rather stay home for now. I want to get a couple more weeks of Jenny training in before we take her up, otherwise it will be no fun chasing her around the whole time. So H and Lola are going up with my IL’s and Jenny and I are staying home.

My plan is to try to get some good training time in with Jenny, without Lola distracting her. I want to get my back garden weeded (it’s totally overgrown from the last owners), get my house clean and then READ. I’ve been totally distracted from my books lately, especially since we got Jenny, and I need to make a dent in this ever growing TBR pile. I’ve heard raves about my current book but I have only read about 80 pages in a week so I can’t have an opinion yet. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight.

Okay… now for the part that was kinda weird. When I texted DH this morning and said “I’m not going to come up to the cottage, but go if you want and take Lola with you” he just said “cool”. He didn’t even ask me why I wasn’t going. Now… this was not one of those situations where I wanted him to convince me to come. He wouldn’t do that because he knows that when I have my mind set, there’s nothing he can do (and I don’t play games like that), but it was just strange that he accepted it immediately and didn’t even say “why” or “are you feeling ok” or whatever. He just said “cool”. It’s very strange of him not to be concerned or at least curious.

Oh well… I’m looking forward to my weekend alone. Hopefully Jenny goes easy on me and I’m not cleaning up lots of messes. I do know one thing though, I’m stopping for a bottle- oh- wine on my way home!

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