Friday, June 26, 2009

AshleyT- future B.A Hons. Business and Society (yay!)

*originally posted on The Nest- June 26*

So... I did it. I made the decision about my major and will start studying for my degree in business this Sept. I was so 50/50 between that and English, but I really thought about it and made the decision. I'm feeling really good about it.

I borrowed this pic from my 101 in 1001 blog... it's me w/ my acceptance letters.
I think I'm over-the-top excited!

Next steps:

-go to enrollment appointment (not until July 10th) to find out how many advanced standing credits I will get from my college diploma and figure out my classes
-make an appointment at the bank to talk about a student line of credit
-get my car serviced so that I can feel safe in it commuting to Toronto a couple of times a week.

I started looking at the classses available to me today and I'm psyched about some of them! They look really interesting, although this is coming from someone who finds economics, finance, politics and law interesting to begin with. I'm so ready to get started now. I'm trying not to think that way, I want to enjoy my summer and not rush the nice weather, but I am soooo anxious to get going on it.

In other news, I have actively been searching for a new job. My current one is becoming soooooooooo boring as they centralize all the functions to our California offices. I may rip my hair out if I have to stay in a job where I get absolutely nothing accomplished most of the day. It's such a weird turn of events since not that many months ago I was blogging about how completely overwhelmed I was. There's also been a few little things here and there that I have heard that make me question our (this office's) job security. I rather be proactive and find something before I get laid off, then to wait to get the axe. So, I'm officially on the hunt. I've applied for 3 or 4 thus far, none of which a closed officially yet, so I haven't heard anything on any of them, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to get discouraged.

This week seems to be drraaagggggginnnng and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. We're heading to Wiarton (a teeny little town northwest of here) to The Big Music Fest. I'm a HUGE Tragically Hip fan and they're headlining the day long festival along with Sam Roberts, The Spades and Arkells (great Canadian bands). I'm pumped. It should be a good day with friends, some good food and beers and awesome music. The weather is supposed to be nice too so I can't wait.

Ok- I'm off pretend to be busy for the next 2.5 hours!

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