Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Run-Down

Puppy: Jenny is doing really well. She and her big sister Lola are getting along great, and she’s getting easier and easier. We’ve had very few accidents (I think 2 in the last 2 weeks), she’s not going in her crate anymore, the nighttime ups are less often, if at all and she’s getting in her crate on her own now. She hasn’t destroyed anything yet, but that’s because we haven’t given her a chance too, not because she hasn’t tried! I’m definitely happy that we got her now. The first week and a half was NOT good, but it’s getting so much better now. She went for her second set of shots last week and slept through them! When they asked me to put her on the scale, I set her down, told her sit… and she did! Now that’s a good puppy if I do say so myself, and she’s only 13 weeks. We’ve got her going to her crate on her own and sitting on command. We’re working on “come” and “off” next. It just takes patience.

Family Reunion: This weekend we hosted the annual Townsend Games (family reunion) this past weekend, and this was the 23rd year for it. It was a lot of fun. Lola was totally freaked out by all the “strangers” so my Mum came and picked her up, but Jenny was loving the attention. She was passed around like a new baby. There were about 30ish people, the games themselves were good (golf, card and wash- toss tournaments) and the food was excellent. It’s tiring playing hostess for the whole day (people started to arrive at 11am and didn’t leave until 12:30am) because 13.5 hours is a long time to smile and “serve” people, but it was fun and I had lots of help.

School: My application for school was submitted (per my last post) and I just checked online today and they received my transcript from Seneca, so now it’s just a waiting game to see if I get in. I’m so excited to get an answer and get started, although I don’t want to rush my summer either. My other dilemma is that the 3 degree programs I applied for take me in totally different directions, so if I get in to more than one, I have a big decision to make. I’m excited though… not stressed, which is so unlike me.

101 in 1001: I created my 101 in 1001 things list and it officially started last week. Nothing completed yet, but lots of stuff is in progress or on the near horizon. I’m excited to get going and start completing the goals on my list…. I plan to document via my 101 in 1001 blog with entries and pictures where possible. It should be fun.

Money/ Work: Funds are tight right now because so much has come up recently (new puppy, Lola getting sick, summer plans like weddings and reunions, car trouble etc). We’re making it work though and trying to stay well away from credit cards. They’re getting paid down and I want it to stay that way. Work is SUPER slow right now and I’m totally bored most of the time, but I’m hoping to look for a job in Toronto if I get into school since that’s where my classes will be. That means I just have to hold on for another couple of months (both hold on to my sanity from the boredom, and look busy so I don’t get laid off). It’s really hard to look busy 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and I don’t think I’m being very successful. I come in at 8:30, leave for 1 hour at lunch to let the dogs out, and then leave at 4:30…. That’s not a full day and I’m sure the people that sit across from me who are SUPER busy with stuff that I can’t help them with (they’re engineers), notice this.

Crazy busy: we had the reunion this past weekend, a wedding this coming weekend, an outdoor music festival next weekend (TRAGICALLY HIP, one of my fave bands, ARE HEADLINING! WAHOO!), a cottage trip the following weekend…. Basically, we’re crazy busy, but it’s good. However it makes the summer fly by which I hate! Especially since the weather has been shit so far. Oh well.

Anyways, that’s my catch-up after almost 2 weeks in a nutshell. Are you asleep on your keyboard yet?

Jenny- 13 weeks... hanging out w/ "Little Ashley T" at the games.

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