Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven Trilogy - Book 1) by Nora Roberts

I hadn't read Nora Roberts in a while so when browsing through the library one day (in between holds) I decided to pick these up. I'd heard The Sign of Seven Trilogy was a great series.

Book one is a very quick read which introduces you to the 6 main characters (gee... I wonder where that's going to go, with 3 men and 3 women in a romance book?). This book focuses on Quinn and Cal and the relationship that they develop.

It was enjoyable, kept me engaged and I read through it rather quickly, but I didn't LOVE it. It was just a good, entertaining read.

I'm not sure I can point out specific complaints without posting huge spoilers so I will avoid that for now. I will say that some of the paranormal element was just.... to "out there" for me to really buy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against paranormal and read a lot of it, but this stuff was just a little... eh.

Aside from that I really did enjoy it. The characters were quirky and flawed, as NR usually writes them, and therefore very fun to read about.  The romance between Cal and Quinn was equal parts cute and steamy which is just how I like em! I'm excited to see where the Cyb and Gage story goes. I like their attitudes and I think a relationship between them would be really interesting.

I have The Hallow (book 2) checked out and waiting at home and am looking forward to diving back into Hawkins Hallow after a brief break to finish something else. All in all- this is a good romantic thriller that I recommend to all NR fans.

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Tameka said...

I love NR but this isn't my favorite trilogy of hers. I enjoy the paranormal...sort of but this one kind of freaked me out. The other two stories are good though, hope you enjoy them!