Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a difference 3 years can make.

Today is our third wedding anniversary. I'm a little in shock that it's been 3 years... we're definitely at the point where we can no longer say "we're a newly married couple".

Every year I try to think what I was doing at this exact time on the actual day. It's 9:14am right now so I know that my hair was done, the girls had gone to get their's done and I was gone to meet my Dad to boost his dead car battery (yep... with my hair done and headpiece in lol) before heading over to the club to make sure the decorator had been there. I remember every emotion from that day and it's kinda sad that I'll never get to experience it again.

I've been listening to the cd we gave out as a favor at our wedding and the one song that still gives me chills is "You and Me" by Lifehouse which is the song that I walked down the aisle to. Of all the songs associated with our wedding, this one still gets to me.
A lot has changed in 3 years. I've decided in honor of our 3rd anniversary, I'll make a list of the main events in our married lives:

-We moved in together officially 6 days after the wedding (when we returned from our honeymoon). We hadn't officially lived together before the wedding so moving in to our new apartment was really exciting.- Aug 06
-4 months after the wedding, I left the company I had worked for for 5 years and started at the company I am currently with- Jan 07
- We became godparents to our niece (SIL's daughter) Taya- March 08
-Bub lost 110-115lbs and I lost just over 60.
-Bub quit smoking- April 09
-We moved out of our apartment after almost 2 years, and stayed with my MIL for 3 months while we looked for a house.- June 08
-On our 2nd wedding anniversary, we found out that the offer we had put in on our house had been accepted.- Aug 08
-We moved in to our first home in Sept 08
-We got our second dog (Baby Jenny) in May 09
-I got accepted to University in May 09 to start in September, something I had always wanted to do... this put TTC, travel and debt repayment plans plans on hold indefinitely.

I feel like we're totally different people than we were when we got married, but it's still going well. We work at it, and it's not always easy (far from it) but we're a team and we're making it work. I'm really excited about what the next 3, 6, 10 years will bring.

Right now, I'm just happy to be along for the ride with one of my best friends.

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