Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rant/ Vent/ Whatever You Want To Call It....

I had a doctors appointment at 8:50 this morning. I haven't been to the doctor is just over a year and really needed to get my shoulder checked because it's been really painful the last couple of weeks. So I drive over their and arrive at 8:45 to find.... no doctors office. The sign is gone, the building is empty. I park and go up to the door expected to see a "we've moved" sign. Nope, nothing!

I call and of course they don't answer their phone until 9am so I have to leave a message saying "well I guess I have to cancel my 8:50 appointment since I have no idea where you're located anymore". I head back to work, my head is pounding from frustration. I call them at about 9:15 from my cell and the receptionist gets all huffy and trys to make it sound like MY FAULT! She says "well it was posted that we moved for over 6 months Sarah (I HATE when people punctuate their sentences with my name... especially when it's not the name I go by or have ever gone by) and we moved about a year ago" I'm thinking, so it's MY fault that I've been healthy for a year and haven't had to come to the doctors office? At the very least, letters should have been sent out or phone calls made orrrrrr you tell your patients on the phone when the book the appointments "you're aware that we have moved correct?". I know a lot of people who only go to the doctors once every 1-3 years so posting a moving announcment at the office for 6 months??? Not gonna cut it.

The kicker.... I was at the office for an appointment right before they moved. And did anyone say anything? NOPE! All they had to do was have it posted on the door, or give a handout OR have the receptionist say, "as of THIS date we are moving". I understand that sending a letter to 5000 patients could get expensive, but there are other ways to do it. But again... NOTHING!
I was an hour and a half late for work for no reason and now have to take more time off for a rescheduled appointment in September. Plus, now I have to live with this shoulder issue for another month. I HATE TODAY!
Addition: The bank called. We didn't get approved for the line of credit we were counting on to pay for my tuition and to get the roof done. Awesome.
Now I have to scramble to figure something out for school (or just effing give up and not go) and the roof is going to have to wait. I hope we can get another winter out of it.

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