Monday, August 24, 2009

Buried in Books.... and LOVIN' it!

I had the best kind of weekend. I’m bummed that it’s over.

Friday night, I finished a really good book after work (The Hunger Games- total page turner… read it) and then I dropped my darling husband at his friends place to hang-out with a HS buddy who was in from out of town. He hasn’t been here since our wedding (3 years ago), so Bub was anxious to see him. I went home and curled up on the couch with my dogs and watched a movie.

Saturday I was super lazy and stayed in bed until 12:30 (I KNOW… lazy right?) alternating between reading and dozing. It was fabulous. I got dressed and decided I should probably do something around the house so I did the dishes, washed the floors, poop scooped the yard and then weeded the front gardens and started on the back. When Bub got home he came out and we had a beer and a game of wash toss in the backyard which finished just before it started to rain. I then took Bub back to his buddy’s house and I went to meet my Mum to drive down to Ikea. She bougth us (well… really just me) a reading chair for our office/library for our anniversary. We had dinner down there and spent a couple hours and then came home. I continued to read on my wrapped up on my front porch with a tea and then I went to bed.

Sunday morning we slept in/read in bed again until about 11:30. It was a really chilly day (felt like fall) so I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed. When I finally did, it was only to take a shower, put on my sweats and curl up in my new reading chair with Lola to read some more. The only time I moved was to go out on the front porch to read. I LOVE days like that. My Mum had us over for dinner, along with my sister and nephew to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice. I came home, finished my book in the tub and then curled up in bed.

I absolutely love weekends like that. I had deliberately got my cleaning (short of the floors) done through the week so I didn’t have to do it on the weekend. It was well worth it.

Bub and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We’re going to the city (Toronto) for dinner and then to see The Sound of Music (I think I posted about this before). I’m really excited. I was addicted to TSOM when I was a little kid and can say the whole movie word for word (actually I can do that with a lot of movies: Dirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, Cinderella, Grease…. etc etc etc) so it’s special to me. I’m looking forward to it so much.

OH! And I wanted to say congrats again to all of our new Mama’s and welcome to babies Lily, Martha and Seth. I’m loving seeing all the pics and hearing the stories so keep em' coming!

Reading Is Sexy!

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