Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick post-cottage update....

Super quick update from me:

-Home from the cottage after a really good week. I look super tan. I swam, ate way too much crap and read A LOT. The weather was not great at the beginning of the week, but Wednesday on it was gorgeous.

-Bubba left on Wednesday and went to the property for the weekend. I'm on my own tonight with my book, a yummy dinner and maybe a movie later.

-I have my second interview with Victoria Village (Sunday) morning. They called last weekend and wanted me to come in on Thursday and when I couldn't come she said she would come in this weekend to see me! I'm not nervous, but I'm not looking forward to it either. I just don't feel right about this position for some reason.

-Monday is a holiday here, but I have to go in to work for a couple of hours for a meeting because the people that I work with SUCK! I'm going in for the meeting and leaving right after.

-I now have 2 dogs in the bed with me. Jenny wouldn't settle in her crate at the cottage and I didn't want to disturb anyone so she's been in the bed with me since last Saturday night. I'm going to try to night crate her starting again tonight but we'll see. I hope she readjusts too it for now. I don't quite trust her out of her crate yet.... she hasn't had an accident in a while, but that doesn't mean she won't.

So.... I'll post something more on Tuesday when I get back into routine.

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