Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Call...

I finally got a call back from VV, the place where I had the 2 interviews (just a short 2 weeks after they said I woudl hear back). I didn't get the job, but I really wish I could let you all here the voicemail to tell me what you think, because it basically says:

-we really wanted to hire you, and had it been a permanent position (rather than a 1 year mat-leave contract) we definately would have
-we're really sorry that we couldn't offer you anything now, but you have great strengths and we would like your permission to leave your file open so we can see if we can fit you in somewhere else in the company permanently.
-your only weakness was in payroll having not done it to this scale before and therefore we went with someone who had more experience that way so they could just jump in a do it. However, if it had been permanent, you would have been our choice because you have great promise.
-please call us and let us know that it's okay that we see what else we can find for you (i.e. leave your application file open)

All I could think when listening was "what the heck is the difference between my abilities if it was a permanent position, versus my abilities in a temporary position"? Oh well.. I guess I'll never know. I will be sending her an email to let her know that she can leave my file open, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I am a little disappointed, but not overly. First- It was only a 12 month contract. I've covered a mat-leave before (that's how I got my current job) and it was really stressful in the last couple of months because I didn't know whether or not to look for a new job since the girl I was covering for had started talking about not coming back and my boss kept saying that she was doing everything she could to find me a position just in case K did decide to come back. Luckily she didn't, but I didn't know that until about 3 weeks before my contract was up. It sort of puts everything on hold while you wait. I wasn't sure I was up to that again. Second- right from day one, something didn't feel right about this job. I kept trying to explain my feelings to Bub but there was no way to really express it. It just felt weird.

I think my disappointment is more that I have never interviewed for a job and NOT got the position. Every time I've had an interview in my life, I get the job. So it was more disappointment about breaking that record than anything else. OH! and I was pumped to send out my resignatin letter here. Basically, I'm not overly disappointed about the job specifically. I've applied for a lot of other stuff, 3 of which would be amazing (2 for the province and 1 at the University I will be attending in September) with huge pay raises. So, I'm hoping that this is a classic case of "everything happens for a reason" and I didn't get it because one of these other awesome ones is going to be for me.

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