Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah!

It’s my final week of freedom and I’m rounding it off with a trip to the cottage for Labor Day! How sad is it (and what does it say about Ontario’s weather this year) that this will only be my 3rd trip to the cottage for the whole season? We’re heading up as fast as possible after work and hopefully we can skip the long-weekend cottage country traffic by taking some of the back ways. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m not at the same time. Last time we were up there my MIL (DH’s step-mom) and I had a “moment”. It was a little tense, alcohol fueled… and very rare for us. We normally get along great. It’s been a little awkward since. Hopefully this weekend will be enough to just let us forget about it The weather is supposed to be great so I hope to float on the water and read all day tomorrow!

After having a little issue with funding for school (we don’t make enough $$ for one kind of loan and we make too much $$ for the other kind of loan) and going through a period that I didn’t think I was going to be able to go back to school I sat down and figured it out, borrowed the $$ for this term from my Mum and worked out a budget so I'll be able to pay it myself going forward. It's going to be really, really, really tight for a while (til' I find a better paying job) but it's going to work. I also got a "distance grant" for $500/ semester because of the length of my commute to the campus so that will help. And, I found out yesterday that I'm taking enough of a course load (60%) to be considered full-time and therefore I don't have to pay back (or get charged interest on) my first student loan while I'm in school. This frees up a little money too!!

I'm so relieved that it worked out. Classes start on Tuesday. I have one online (Intro Admin Studies) and then I'm in class Wednesday and Thursday evenings (microeconomics and "Human Concepts of Globalization"). I can't WAIT to get started.

Last weekend, I went for a sleepover at my BFF’s house. At the last minute we got tickets to see Kathy Griffen at the Casino, and it was hilarious. She has a book coming out this month that I definitely have to read. Sunday, Bub and I made two batches of soup to freeze since life is about to get a little crazy. We made meatball barley- so yummy and a white chili that looks and smells disgusting… so I’m leaving the bulk of it to Bub. I wanted quick, somewhat healthy meals to just grab and warm up on the nights that I have school so that we don’t start eating crap. I plan to do some pasta dishes as well. It was fun… but I wish that the chili had turned out better. I guess it’s just not for me.

6 hours til’ I’m outta here for 3 days! I got all my cleaning done last night so even when we come home on Sunday, I’ll just be able to relax around the house. Have a good weekend!

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