Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're so... chill!

I had a good weekend. The weather was awesome (especially Saturday) and it was quiet.
I finally took DH out for his b-day dinner Friday night. I tell the guy he can go wherever he wants (and we have some awesome restaurants in this city) and he picks Montana’s. Oh well, it was his choice and the food was really good. Just not as “romantic” as I would have liked.

The drive-in opened for the season this weekend so we went on Friday night and saw Monsters vs. Aliens and I Love You Man. Both were very good, but ILYM was hilarious. The drive-in is the best because we can take the dog and hang out in our jammies. This time of year is nice too because the bugs haven’t come out yet and it’s nice a cool.

Saturday was awesome too. I slept in and read in bed, DH went to play tennis with his Dad, then I puttered around the yard. I didn’t really get much accomplished, but it was so nice to be outside with my pup. We went grocery shopping, bbq’d pork skewers for dinner and watched our PVR’d shows from the week (CSI was super weird). Very chill… very relaxing.
Yesterday we went for a long, completely unplanned drive in the country after getting hot dogs from the vendor outside the mall for lunch. We’d come up to an intersection and I would just make DH choose a direction. We ended up going down this dirt road that got narrower and narrower as we went. I started getting nervous because I realized that the road was so narrow it was going to be very difficult to turn around and I starting seeing HUNTING signs. I finally found a little opening where I could turn the car around and make a break for it out of the woods… after bottoming out a couple of times. DH was laughing the whole time because I was so nervous. After the drive DH read outside while I had a nap in bed (I attempted to read, but I didn’t even get through a page). I didn’t want the weekend to be over. I love the quiet slow pace of weekend like that.

We’re down to less than 3 weeks until we take off for Florida and I’m getting really excited, but as always, stressed about money. We won’t have much spending money, so I’m thinking that we’ll just hang out at the resort most of the time (7 pools, 7 hot tubs, 13 tennis courts, mini golf, basketball and a full gym should keep us busy). We will of course, be doing Magic Kingdom at Disney World one day.

On a REALLY positive note, DH has quit smoking. He’s been smoke free for over a week now, cold turkey, no cutting down, no patch… nothing. He just stopped. I’m really proud of him. He’s doing great with it too and will still come outside and sit with me while I smoke. He’s said he’s not craving them at all and said he notices that everything smells and tastes different already. It makes me even more motivated to quit myself. We’ll see.

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