Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take your mark... get set.... GO!

And I'm off. Well, not quite yet, but this weekend is going to be go go go. Thank god tomorrow is a holiday in Canada.

-Easter brunch at my Mum's
-Clean house, organize basement and garage
-Easter dinner at my FIL's

-Brunch w/ MIL for Easter and DH's birthday
-Shopping/running around for DH's party
-Take DH out for dinner, his choice
-20-25 people over for DH's birthday and then out to the bar to go dancing at around 11pm.

-Clean-up from party (probably while nursing a hang-over)
-We were invited to my Aunt's for dinner, but I apologetically declined. I'll need a break
-VEG and eat left over cake.. prob still nursing a headache

I'm a little nervous about having so many people over at our place before we go out on Saturday night. 25 people is a lot in my 1100 sq ft house. I'm not worred about mess or anything, it's my neighbours. They came over and (nicely) complained the first time we had a party and it was about 1/2 the people. I'm hoping that if we ask people to smoke in the garage, rather than the backyard (our back deck is basically under their bedroom window because of the way the houses are staggered) that we might be ok. I may just tell them if I see them that we are having a party but going out to the bar so by 11 or 11:30 we'll all be gone.

It's going to be an interesting mix of friends on Saturday night too. You know how you sometimes feel that your worlds collide? I have highschool friends, work friends, DH's work friends etc etc. It will be weird but good to have them partying together. Everyone will get along.

I have to get a cake for DH, get inserts for my new red pumps so the don't slip off my heel (I have a new dress and shoes to wear on Saturday! YAY), I've already been to the liquor store so I don't need booze, I need to get some munchies and some tacky b-day decorations. I'm so broke it's not even funny... but DH is turning a quarter century so I want him to have a good time.

I plan to get totally hammered and dance my ass off! I can't wait to blow off some steam.

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