Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm an old married woman...

I hate being a boring old married woman....

Weekend synopsis:

Friday- hand out candy to all 10-15 kids, eat way too much chocolate and pumpkins seeds, have BIL over for a beer after DH's ball hockey game, SIL and her BF and daughter show up. They watch Shrek 3D and it was hilarious to see them sitting there with their glasses on reacting to 3D things that I couldn't see, everyone leaves, DH goes to Wendy's for salad and we watch PVR'd Greys Anatomy and CSI, then pass out on the couch.

Saturday- sleep in, read in bed, sleep some more, started x-mas shopping, got groceries, bought new TV (42 inch plasma- our 51 was just too big for the new living room and will be moved downstairs to await the basement being finished), made homemade Garlic and Tortellini soup for dinner (sooooo good), took dog for a walk, drove DH to a buddy's house to go drinking, cleaned, watched Harry Potter and fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday- Watch Most Haunted and "What Happens in Vegas" (really cute movie), rake leaves, rake and seed bare spots on lawn, cut grass, DH goes to ball hockey, I walk dog, make dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, salad, broccoli and snap peas) read, have a bath while reading, go to bed and read.

Boring huh?

I wanted to go to a Halloween party so bad, but no one we knew was having one or going out at all, and we don't have the space (yet) to have a big party. I felt like an old lady, which seems to be a trend lately. I'm a bit of a hermit, and normally I'm at peace with that, but it has really been bothering me lately. I need a life. I miss getting dressed up and going out dancing all the time. What happened to those days!?! I'm only 23 years old for god sakes!

I'm having a crappy day already, which is making me mope pathetically. I hate Mondays!

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