Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Witnessed History

History was made last night. Not only did Obama win and become the first African American President of the United States, but, more importantly, a record number of people come out to vote. This shows that on the whole, the American people are ready for change. They don't want a carbon copy GWB back in the White House. They don't want anything close to it, and they made it very clear. They won't stand for more failed policies and broken promises. It was democracy at it's finest and I truly feel that the best man won.

I will give McCain kudos for his concession speech. It was extremely gracious and eloquent and I was thinking while listening that it's too bad he didn't know how to speak like that during the campaign.

Can I talk about Obama's speech?? W-O-W. From the moment he walked out on stage with his wife and girls to the moment he walked off, I was fighting tears. MAN can that guy give a great speech. He is so real. There's no phony politician in him (yet) and he's just a genuine family man who loves his country. He spoke powerfully, intelligently, yet in realistic terms so that everyone could relate. When he reached out to even those who didn't vote for him, I think it showed what a great leader he will be. He's been a favorite political figure of mine since before he even announced that he was running for President because I can see the great leader in him.

I finally broke down when the whole group was walking off and Barack stopped to give a final wave alone on stage, with the exception of Michelle standing in the background waiting for him and supporting him. You could see the emotion in him in that moment as he looked out over the more than 100,000 people there to congratulate him. He looked so unbelievably proud and yet humble. When he finished, Michelle met him across the stage and as they started walking away together, they gave a playful kiss and the smallest, but most triumphant high-five. They're a team... and really truly love eachother.

Congratulations America!!!! You definately got this one right and the change you need is coming.

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