Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gadget Girl!

So for YEARS I have wanted a BlackBerry. But, my employer only pays for them for the sales and PM team (I work in finance and HR) and I couldn't justify the monthly cost on my own. I see the sales teams expense reports and so I know how much they can be. I've hummed and hawed about getting a Pearl because the monthly plans were cheaper but I hate the keyboard. They're really adorable, but it would drive me crazy to answer emails and have to hit buttons twice etc. I would rather keep my cell phone if that was the case. I won an IPOD touch at a staff party in Sept. and it's awesome. I updated it to have the latest software which give me the equivilent of the newest iPhone, without the phone part. I can check my email etc. from that, I have calendar etc. but it sucks to have to carry that AND my cell phone as well as the fact that I have to be in a WiFi hot spot to get online.I love the thing, but it was really annoying.

DH called me yesterday while I was out of the office on course and left me a vmail saying that they had a staff promotion on BlackBerry's at his work just for the day and it was a really good deal so we would go up when I was done work. We did and I FINALLY got my BB (silver Curve)! The phone itself cost me $12 and my monthly plan is $40 (incl. an awesome voice and data plan) + system access fee and tax. It's the employee promotional plan. I'm so friggin' excited and totally addicted to it. I can't stop playing with it.
This morning on my way to work, I had my old cell phone (for contact switch over), my iPod Touch (for music) and my BB on the bus (I do my part of the environment by taking public transit to and from work and it helps to not have to pay 6 bucks for parking every day too). People were probably looking at me going "GEEK" but I don't care. I'm a gadget junkie and I LOVE it! I totally understand the term "CrackBerry"!

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