Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter's Here

We had a great weekend.

Friday night Bub and I went to the NHL Alumni vs. the Barrie Flyers Alumni charity hockey game. We had extra tickets so we brought FIL and his fiance. We went out for dinner to Kelseys first and then to the game. Wendall Clark played, which was totally awesome because he's a big name in Maple Leafs histroy and they are actually retiring his number later this month. It was the only name that I recognized on the NHL team, but Bub and his Dad, who are HUGE hockey fans, said they knew most of the other players.

Saturday Bub made me breakfast in bed. I was really lazy in the morning and stayed in bed to read, so he brought breakfast to me! :) Then we went to the OSPCA (Humane Society) because we would like to get a second dog. There was one that I loved, a female Rotti X named Tequila, but she was not good with other dogs because she was VERY protective of her toys and food. Lola, our boxer-pug X is only about 25-30 pounds and has always shared food dishes/ toys with my Mom's dog (who she lived with through the week when we were in the apartment). When she was a baby, I would put my face right in the bowl with her, pull her tail and her ears, take her food away, right from under her while she was eating, and do the same with her toys. This way, they learn not to be protective/ agressive over their food and toys. I could definately train Tequila not to be protective of these things, but I can't take the risk of this 95 pound bag of muscle ripping Lola to shreds before I can get her trained (since she is 4, it may take a little while to get her to trained that way). It's too much of a risk for Lola and I can't do that to her. She was there first. And Lola is not a meal feeder, she is what I call a "grazer" meaning there is always food out for her and she picks at it as she wants too. This could cause problems between the dogs when we aren't there to supervise, and I would never forgive myself if something happened to the Baby Girl. So, we decided against it, as sweet as she was.

We went to Chapters and Bub bought me Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama because I've wanted it for so long. He said that I have to wait for Christmas to get it though .
We got Starbucks and went grocery shopping. When we went into the store it was pouring down rain, and when we came out, it was SNOWING! It was so pretty. It snowed all night (stormed actually) and most of Sunday. We have almost 2 feet now. Our TV went out, but we just read. We got the house cleaned on Sunday and Bub had to go out and trudge through the snow to bring out patio furniture in because we hadn't done it yet.

I love the snow. I love this time of year. It's so pretty when it's all fresh like that. It means that Christmas is coming and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas season. It made me want to decorate the house, but I know it's a little early for that. We'll do it the last weekend of Nov./first weekend of December. I did put a little Christmas music on though... I thought Bub was going to kill me when I did, but he knows how much I love it so he just grinned and took it in stride. My favorite part about snow is that you look outside and it looks crazy. It's falling so thick you can't see across the street, but when you go outside, it's totally silent and sooooo beautiful. I was so excited (ask me how I feel about it in February and my opinion changes drastically).

Last night our friends and their 2 year old son came over for dinner. Dale was helping Bub mount our new plasma so I got to hang out with Sam and Joel. He's too friggin cute. Our new TV is up and although we lost about 10 inches (we went from a 51 to a 42) it makes the room look so much bigger. Our 5 year old big screen was just way to big (and deep) for the room. Now that this ones up, I love it. Bub made homemade lasagna (with 6 different cheeses) and it was sooooo good. I have left overs for lunch and I can't wait to eat it.

We have dinner guests again tonight to plan my MIL's surprise 50th and again tomorrow when we have my MIL for dinner. I get a quick break on Thursday and then Friday Bub and I are going for dinner and then to see TWILIGHT!!!!!!! I'm so friggin' excited about that movie that I can't even explain it to you. I'm obsessed with the books so it's going to be awesome.

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