Monday, November 10, 2008

Drinking Into Oblivion

Saturday night was exactly what I needed. I had a REALLY shitty work week last week so I was determined to have some fun this weekend.

**Back story: from my previous posts you know that my boss got laid off last Monday and I was scared for my job. Well on Wednesday I was talking to my Controller in Cali. and she basically told me that by the end of this month, most of my responsibilites are being centralized in our HQ down there. She didn't say my job was in danger, but really, what am I supposed to think? I'm not stupid. That day was terrible... I was really upset and didn't know what to do. Finally, my boss in this office called me in because she got word that I was really worried and told me that I had nothing to worry about for now and that I would be really busy with other things over the next couple of months (this is the really condensed version of this story). I don't totally believe that though because they told my boss the same thing less than two months ago and now she's gone. Needless to say, I am skeptical. To top it off, that day they found the body of a 15 year boy who's been missing from since Thanksgiving Day (Oct. 13th) after a three week search. It was really sad and scary (because my nephew is just 2 years younger than him) and I was already emotional, so I didn't handle the news very well.
The only silver lining was DH knew I was having a really crappy day/week and went to the grocery store to make me dinner. He made breaded pork chops, twice baked potatoes, asparagus and a PIE! He's so cute.

So the rest of the week was tough. We were trying to close the month and move payroll down to the US without my boss (the Finance manager). It was not fun! But, it's done (as far as I know) so we did it. Now I have to help them transfer my responsibilties down there. That's the last thing I want to do.**
By the time the weekend rolled around I was ready to let loose! Friday night I had a dentist appointment, but afterwards I took DH out for dinner at the Fishbowl. We really couldn't afford it, but I needed it.

Saturday- I went and got my hair done and spent the day with my Mum, who's a/my hairdresser and then DH and I went to our old highschool to watch the Senior football team in the championship. They lost, but it was still fun (REALLY cold though). On the way home, I told DH I needed to party that night. He made a few phone calls and before I knew it we were hosting an impromtu "house-warming" party. We went from having no plans at 6 o'clock to about 20 people drinking in the house by 9. It was a lot of fun. It gave me a chance to have some fun, show off the house and not think about what happened earlier in the week. The only downer was the neighbour came over to (politely) complain about the noise. I made DH deal with it because I didn't want to. He apologized and said we were bringing everyone inside (they were on the back deck to smoke etc). She said that she had to work the next day, so she'd appreciate it. I felt bad, but at the same time it was just people talking.... we didn't have music cranked of anything. Oh well... now we know that we can't have big parties, not that we really would have anyway.

We told everyone they could smoke in the unfinished basement so that they weren't outside pissing our neighbour off even more. We have NEVER smoked in our house (or apartment before it) so it was a little gross, but it was better than the neighbour calling the police and having a $500 fine. We just opened every single window and turned on every fan in the house yesterday morning and you can't smell anything now. We won't ever do that again though. It's not worth the smell.
It was super fun, we laughed a lot, drank even more and had some very interesting conversations. I didn't think about work or $$ once and it was really nice.
Well, back to reality today. It will be an interesting week because the boss lady is on holidays, my other boss got fired last week and my third boss is in our Cali. It will be quiet for sure, but that will be nice. I'm looking forward to it.

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