Thursday, November 20, 2008


aka: Before Trying To Conceive To Do List

Lets see where I'm/ we're at with this shall we?

Buy a house- check
Pay off current vehicle- check
Skydive- check

And that's pretty much it.
So, what's left you ask?

Take a tropical vacation together
Go parasailing
White water raft (totally doable... but I'll have to wait for the summer)
Pay off credit cards (Nice wish. We're not adding to them anymore but still... they aren't going down very quickly either)
Buy a second vehicle (yeah- and with what money do we make the car payments... especially while I'm on 55% mat. leave pay for 12 months???)
Be at goal weight (almost there- I haven't weighed my self in months but I know I'm close)
Put new roof on house (this is an addition to the list which we made before we bought the house)
Put a new furnance in (again- this is an addition)
Bub needs to get a better paying job!
I need to be secure in my job (this is an addition in the last couple of weeks)
Optional: European vacation

hmmmmm... this doesn't seem to be very even! I guess we're not going to start TTC this winter like we kinda planned. MAJOR bummer! \

I know I probably won't get all of this done before trying to have a baby, but I'd like to take a much bigger chunk out of it than where it stands now! I guess my dreams of little MST (boys initals) or AMVT (girls initials) will have to be put on hold for a while.
I guess I should just enjoy being married for a while...before we're a "family". That's not so bad!!

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