Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sky Is Everywhere- Jandy Nelson

I really, really adored this book. It's a very real story about death, grief, love and truth that pulled at every sensitive bone in my body.

I have to start by saying that it's worth reading if for nothing more than to experience the style, flow and beauty of how the author writes. It's poetic and just incredibly well written. There were lines of this book that took my breath away (ex: the sky starts at your feet). Some were so simple and yet had a profound impact on the story, the characters or (as cheesy as this is going to sound) me. According to the book flap, Nelson is a published poet. I would like to find some of her work. This however is her first novel so I'm excited to see how she grows from here.

This story gave us some fascinating characters. I loved without exception. With Lennie, I was able to feel her pain, confusion and excitement right along with her. I genuinely liked her as a main character. Bailey, although we don't actually "know" her, is probably my favorite character in the book... spunky, happy, full of life and full of love. You can't really help but want to hang-out with her. The boys both had me swooning, but in very different ways. They both represented a different side of Lennie's emotions and I was kind of fascinated by it. Gram, Sarah and Big were great supporting characters with their constant love and concern for Lennie, as well as adding some quirkiness to the plot.

I think what I loved most about this book was its honesty. It really captured the tumult that a person goes through in the wake of a major loss. My heart broke for Lennie and the family at certain parts and yet I'd be snorting with laughter in the next paragraph. It's a true depiction of the confusion of death.

I truly enjoyed this book and will definitely be re-reading in the future to savor and appreciate the writing some more. I can't wait to see future work from Jandy Nelson. Please go pick up this book. You won't regret it.


NancyandMark said...

After reading your review, I got right onto my library's website and requested it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Jessica Love said... was I not following your blog? Ridiculous.

Anyway, love this review. Love this book.